How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to iPhone

Post Day 08/15/2016 11:23

"My father rewarded me a new iPhone 6 for my good grade. My younger brother badgered me to give my old iPhone to him. I was fed up with him so I consented to his request. However, I message with my boyfriend everyday so there are tons of Whatsapp message on my old iPhone. I was unwilling to delete them but I can't leave them on the old iPhone. So it's a urgent matter to transfer them to my new iPhone 6."

No one can doubt the fact that Whatsapp messages is a very important part of iPhone users for we use Whatsapp to communicate with friends in our daily life. There are so many important information in the messages that we can't abandon them. But it's a technical profession to transfer Whatsapp messages between iPhones. However, with the helps of iOS Data Recovery, it's a piece of cake!
iOS Data Recovery enables you one click to export your Whatsapp from iDevices to your PC or another iDevice. Not to mention its strong compatibility, it supports WhatsApp transferring between iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/Android devices. Although it's famous as data recovery tool, it's also good at Whatsapp messages transfer. Besides, you can preview and check any item you want and export it to your computer. Just performing a click, you can view your data on your iPhone 6 effortlessly. Below is the detailed instruction of transfering WhatsApp messages between iPhones. Firstly, download iOS Data Recovery on your PC.


One Click to Transfer WhatsApp Messages/Chat History from iPhone to iPhone


Step 1. Connect your iPhones to the Computer

Run iOS Data Recovery on your PC and you can see the primary window below. There are four options on the left side column. Then go to "More tools" pattern and you will see four options on the right side panel, too. Here we should choose "Transfer Whatsapp message".

Then iOS Data Recovery will prompt you to connect your iPhones to PC. iOS Data Recovery will automatically detect your devices. On the window, you can see the source and destination phone. When your devices are both connected to PC, you can see the "Connected" sign below.


Step 2. Begin to Transfer Your WhatsApp Messages

Also, the "Flip" button might be of use which is used to shift the position of the source phone and destination phone. 
Then you just need to click on "Transfer". ALl Whatsapp chats, sent and received photos and video will be transferred to your device. Also, you need to pay attention the highlight that the Whatsapp chat history on your device will be wiped out. After verifying all the pivotal point above, you can click on "Transfer" button. Then the transfer truly begins.

Note: Transfer all WhatsApp chat history from your old iPhone to the new one, the existing WhatsApp chts history on your new iPhone will be overwritten.


Step 3. Wait until the WhatsApp Message Transfer is Completed

Keep your devices connected to PC throughout the whole process, or the transfer will be interrupted. You can't disconnect your devices until iOS Data Recovery pops up a window to inform you that all the Whatsapp messages are transferred completely.

Note: You can restore the backup file to your new iPhone by clicking "Restore" button, there you can view the transferred data on your device.

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