How to Transfer Data from iPhone 7 (Plus) to Computer/Mac

iPhone 7 (Plus) has been released for several months. Believe that many users are very satisfied with the iPhone 7 (Plus). I think your iPhone 7 (Plus) must have stored a lot of important information. This information may be a meaningful photos, an important contact, a precious video, etc.. However, stored in the phone does not mean that you can always have them, in case your phone was stolen? Therefore, we need to transfer these information to the computer or Mac regularly, this is the most insurance approach. So, how should we move them? Just use a data cable to connect your phone to your computer? Certainly not, we need some tools to help us. So I introduce two ways to you.
      Method 1.  Sync Data from iPhone 7 to Computer with iPhone Data Recovery
      Method 2.  Sync Data from iPhone 7 to Computer with Mobile Transfer


Two Simple Ways to Transfer Data from iPhone 7 (Plus) to Computer/Mac


Method 1. Sync Data from iPhone 7 to Computer with iPhone Data Recovery

iPhone Data Recovery or iPhone Recovery for Mac is a data management and recovery software which combines multiple functions of data processing. You can use the software to recover the deleted data, and you can back up the data. You can also use the software to backup and restore files in Kik, Viber, and WhatsApp. In addition, it is also called the Data eraser. You can use the software to clean up the data in your cell phone. If you want to transfer data from iPhone7 to your computer or Mac, you can use the backup function.

Prepare work: Download iPhone Data Recovery on your Windows PC or the iPhone Recovery for Mac on Mac and download the latest version of iTunes. In addition, prepare a USB line.

Step 1. Run the Program and Connect iPhone to PC
Run the software after installation. Then on the left side there are four icons, click on the fourth "More Tools" and select "Device Data Backup & Restore". In addition, connect your phone to the computer.

Step 2. Select File Types You Liked to Backup
When the system detects your phone, you can choose the types of file you need to back up, and then click "Backup". If you have used the software to back up the data, you can click on "To view the previous backup file>>" in the lower left corner of the screen to view the previous backup file list, and just choose the one to extract the data inside it.

Step 3. Selectively Export Whatever You Wanted to Computer
The program will automatically scan files in your mobile phone and the specific items displayed in the window. When this process is over, you can check the files you want to back up, click on the "Export to PC" button at the right lower corner of the window. In addition, you can also choose to restore them to your iPhone or other iOS deviceS, you just need to simply click on the "Restore to device ".


Method 2. Sync Data from iPhone 7 to Computer with Mobile Transfer 

Mobile Transfer and Mobile Transfer for Mac are the powerful transfer software. It comes out to help you transfer data between two mobile phones which even running different OS like iOS, Android, Windows, Symbian and so on, and can also back up your mobile phone like iPhone 7/7 Plus data to your computer with a click. In addition, you can also restore the backup data to any supported devices through the software. At the same time, it can also manage your mobile phone data, you can completely delete all files from the Android smartphones without restored.

Prepare work: you need to download the Mobile Transfer on your Windows computer or the Mobile Transfer for Mac on your Mac. In addition, you also need to download the latest version of the iTunes. Of course, you also need to prepare a USB line. 

Step 1. Run the Program and Choose the Transfer Mode
Run Mobile Transfer and you can see the program has four function boxes, please click "Back Up Your Phone".

Step 2. Coonect Your iPhone to Computer
Next, the program enters the next interface. You need to connect your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus to your Windows computer or Mac via USB cable. 

Step 3. Choose the Wanted Data and Transfer to Computer
When the system recognizes your phone, you can choose to the wanted data like contacts, messages, photos, videos and more. Check them according to your needs, and click "Start Transfer". Then, the program will pop up a window to display the transfer process. Finally, the transfer is complete, click "OK".

Tips: When the transfer is complete, you can check the results. In the upper right corner of the program there is a menu bar, find the "Setting". Of course, you can also change the path to save according to your need.

Note: During the whole transfer process no matter which transfer way you choose, please do not disconnect your iPhone until it is finished.
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