How to Restore Data from KiK Backup to iPhone/iPad

Do you have classmates to study abroad? Do you know any foreign friends? How do you talk to them? There is an awful lof of fare of ocean communication service. Maybe you're using WhatsApp, QQ, WeChat, Viber and any other chat softwares, but their business is still only in a small range, has not become a global software. In contrast, KiK is not the same, in U.S. about 40 percent teens use KiK.

Tom, my friend, is now the manager of a large-scale enterprise and very busy everyday. The enterprise has many foreign customers. So he has been using KiK. Once he deleted the customer's messages and chats accidentally and he was almost sacked. iPhone Data Recovery help him finally! He use this software restore the lost messages and chats to his iPhone. 
iOS Data Recovery is a multifunctional and easy-to-operate data management and recovery program which various functions have been praised. With the help of this program, you can not only recover your lost and deleted content from iPhone iPad and iPod touch, but also can backup and restore your phone data, including WhatsApp, KiK, Viber and so on. Now I will share with you how to use this software to restore your KiK backup to any of your supported iOS devices.


Steps to Restore KiK Messages/Chats/Attachments to iPhone/iPad


Step 1. Run iOS Data Recovery and Connect Your iPhone/iPad

First of all, install and run iOS Data Recovery. You will see a window with 4 mode on the left, choose the last one "More Tools". Then click "iOS KiK Backup & Restore" and connect your device to computer. 


Step 2. Check to View Your KiK Backup Files

When the program recognize your iOS devices, click on the blue line "To view the previous backup file". Here you will see all the previous backup files of your KiK, choose one you wanted to view it by click the button "View".


Step 3. Select KiK Chats/Attachments and Restore to Your iDevice

Then you can preview text chats and KiK attachments in the window. Check them one by one to make sure the backup files is you wanted and tick them. Click "Restore to Device" to restore them to your iPhone or iPad.

The whole process will not be difficult and will not last for a long time. And if you want to backup & restore other data from your iOS devices, you can also use this program, it can help you a lot.
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