How to Recover Lost Call History from iPhone XS?

Apple's newest iPhone XS is now available. But which do you pick: big, or bigger? The XS comes in two sizes, and the bigger XS Max is a whole lot of screen. For the most part, that's its singular advantage. There's a reason Apple may not have called the XS Max the XS Plus. For years, a Plus-sized iPhone has offered a bigger screen, a bit more battery life and a better dual rear camera. This year, the iPhone XS and XS Max have identical processors, RAM and cameras. Getting the new 6.5-inch Max is really about increasing the display size (with added pixels), and getting a little extra battery to boot (about an hour). It'll cost you $100 for the privilege. I've been using the Max and the smaller XS back and forth, comparing the feel and the apps, the everyday experience. The Max has a fantastic screen, and it feels about the same to hold as an iPhone 8 Plus. So, if you like that size, go for it -- if you can afford it. It's a beautiful luxury.
One of the core functions of a Phone is making phone calls. And it plays an important role in your life. Call history is invaluable to help you see how many people you have been communicating with as well as who has called you and when they called you. It can also quickly help you identify the person for calling. Hence there is no need to navigate the long list to find the one in your contacts. Well, If the call history was deleted by accident, it won’t do big damage to above situation. However if you didn’t add the number into your contact list, then it would be a big trouble for you. Image a very important client called you and you just removed the call history, how would you find the number again?
Fortunately, there are some very nice developers who already made programs to recover call history from iPhone. iOS Data Recovery is one of the best tools among them according to my personal test and online reviews. It provides 3 different means to help you restore call history on iPhone. Apart from recovering call history, it is also able to recover media files of up to 10 types, including contacts, text messages as well as notes, calendar, music, video and WhatsApp content. I have tested several other apps and found iPhone Data Recovery is the best one in regard to efficiency and user experience. And that’s the reason why I am recommending it in here.

Step 1. Connect Your iPhone XS(Max) with Computer
Run the program after installing it on your computer. By default, iOS Data Recovery will detect your iOS device by default and show you the window for "Recover from iOS Device" after you connect the iPhone XS(Max) to the PC. 

Step 2. Scan Your iPhone for the Lost Data on It
On the next window, there are some types of files on the window and you are required to select some of them to scan according to your need. Then click on "Scan" and it will start to scan your device for deleted data among some selected file types.

Step 3. Preview the Scanned Data and Recover Data from Your iPhone XS(Max)
The scanning completes and you will see the deleted data on your device. You can preview them one by one by clicking in the file types listed on the left side column and check them carefully on the right panel. 

Then click on "Recover" and what you select will be recovered and preserved on the setted folder. You have the option to design your own path or just save them to your iPhone. The right is on your own hand.

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