How to Recover Deleted/Lost Call History from iPhone XR

Post Day 12/18/2018 16:32

The launch of the iPhone XR has aroused many doubts. It is also the most controversial of the three iPhones this year, so it has gained high popularity. There are two camps on whether the iPhone XR is worth buying. But perhaps because of this popularity, the iPhone XR has become the best-selling iPhone phone. The iPhone XR became the second largest cellphone in sales this year. Apparently, the XR has become the best-selling iPhone of the year. The reason why it sells so well is because of three factors: heat, price and differentiation.
When you buy iPhone XR, the first thing will certainly be to transfer data and restore data. Including Call History. Because this is very important data. So it's important to learn how to recover Call History from iPhone.
Here, I recommend a very useful software to you. The world's 1st iPhone data recovery software - iPhone Data Recovery. The recovery rate of this software is the first in the industry. It can be perfect for almost all Apple devices on the market, whether it's iPhone or iPad. Of course, including the latest release of iPhone XR. iPhone Data Recovery can help you retrieve all the data in your daily usage, such as photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, call logs, and more. More importantly, its security, the use of this software, you do not have to worry about any security problems, there will be no information leakage situation.

Step 1. Running the software and connect your iPhone XR
Download and install and run this powerful iPhone Data Recovery on your PC in advance. Connect your iPhone XR to it through the USB cable. iPhone Data Recovery can automatically detect your iPhone XR.

Step 2. scan the data on your iphone xr
After the phone and computer connection is successful, click Start Scan and the scanning process will start. 

Step 3. Preview data you need
When the scan is completed, you can see a lot of data types, such as messages, photos, videos, contacts, notes, call records, and so on. You can preview one by one.

Step 4. Recover deleted Call History you want on iPhone XR
After the preview, select what you need, and then click the "recovery" button. The selected file will be exported and saved to your computer.

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