How to Extract iPhone iPad Lost Data from iCloud Backup

"Oh,my naughty child deleted some data in my iPhone when I am cooking in the kitchen,how can I restore them? Among them, having my contacts, chat record and other data. Please help me to get it back!" - A anxious mother.
I bet that above example just one of the reasons for extracting iPhone & iPad data. In ferial,it's unavoidable to have some mistakes. So when we lost our iPhone & iPad data by accidentally,how can we extract them from iCloud backup?

Don't worry, iCloud Backup Extractor is a useful and multi-functional software. No matter you lost or deleted your data from the iPhone, iPad and others iOS devices, the program can recover them with ease. In addition to extracting your data from iCloud backup, the software also allows you to directly restore the lost or deleted content from your iDevices even without any backup, as well as extracting to restore from iTunes backup files. Please install it and follow below steps to extract your data.


Steps to Extract iPhone iPad Lost Data from iCloud Backup


Step 1. Connect Your iDevice and Scan it

Run iCloud Backup Extractor and connect your device to computer. Then you'll see 4 modes on the left.

Choose the third mode "Recover from iCloud Backup File". Enter your iCloud account and password to login. Don't need to worry about, iCloud Backup Extractor will keep your individual privacy securely and seriously.


Step 2. Download the File from iCloud Backup

After you logged into iCloud, the software can find all your backup file. Choose the one you want to extract data and click the "Download" button. Then a window with different file options will come up and you can choose the type of files you would like to download. Selecting all data you want,click the button "Scan" to begin. Just wait for a moment.


Step 3. Preview the Data from iCloud Backup File and Recover Them

When the scanning completed, you can preview all data, which is selected by yourself just now,like contacts, messages, videos, and more. Check them one by one and tick the project you want. Then click "Recover to computer" or "Recover to Device" to extract them from iCloud backup.

Now, the files is in your device or computer and you can import them to others devices or your original iPhone & iPad.

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