How to Recover Lost Calendar Reminder from iPhone 8

Post Day 04/21/2018 11:10

The iPhone has always been a focus of attention, both in appearance and performance. For example, the recent sale iPhone 8.
The iPhone8 is about the same as the iPhone7, and the space grade aluminum is designed with glass mirrors, waterproof, dustproof and wireless charging. Back glass fuselage, optional color: gold, silver and deep space ash. The iPhone 8 carries two performance chips, two performance cores, and four high-performance cores. The A11 processor is adopted to support wireless charging. The new A11 Bionic processor is configured to run 30 percent faster than the previous A10 processor and integrate the neural network engine. One feature that supports Touch ID is that its graphics sensors have added support for AR technology. 12 megapixel camera, F1.8 large aperture design, new lens module. Equipped with a new video encoder, it has a faster video frame rate, and supports the shooting of 60 frames of 4K video and full hd resolution of the slow video.
There's been a lot of iPhone users that have been saying they've had a lot of trouble lately. When you're dealing with your phone data, you're always accidentally deleting your data files. So everyone was upset! Let me introduce you to a piece of software. Because it can help you solve the problem of a series of data loss. In a nutshell, it can help you recover your deleted software. Yes, that's right! It 's so powerful!
This software is called iOS Data Recovery. The software can restore the deleted data from a variety of mobile phone. If applicable to Windows 10/8pcs and macOS Sierra/macOS, it is the best tool to recover deleted data. In addition, iOS Data Recovery has other practical functions. For example, it supports a large number of mobile phone and a large amount of data. News, video, audio, documents, or the phone records, can be in a few minutes to complete the recovery process. This is also the restore the function of data at a high speed. With just a few minutes to click, your data will be restored. Is it possible for you to ask, will that data come back in a few minute? Is it complete? I can assure you. 100% guarantee your data integrity. Your data is not compromised or lost during this process. In fact, the Android data connection manager will only read your mobile phone. In other words, you're the only one who can accept it. This means that you will get perfect privacy protection.
Above is the simple introduction of iOS Data Recovery. You should be interested in it! Let me introduce you to the software, and you just do what I tell you to do, and you'll be able to solve your data problems easily. Let me give you an example of how to recover lost Calendar reminders from iPhone 8/8+.

Step 1: install and run iOS Data Recovery. And then connect to your android device, like the iPhone 8/8 + and USB cable to the laptop.

Step 2: the screen should have a notification that lets you have a USB debugging. You need to click "Allow". The computer can then be connected to the Android file, which is a privilege for the mobile device. If you don't see notification USB debugging, you can manually activate it.

Step 3: when the iPhone 8/8 + device successfully detects a project, you need to choose the type of file you want to recover, like Calendar Reminder, and then click the "next" button. Fonelab will scan your data quickly. In this step, the Android data recovery checks the device information, and then attempts to obtain the root permission. When appear below the window, please go to your phone, click on the "allow/approval/authorization" to ensure that have accepted the request. Once the program is authorized to give you the equipment, it will trigger your Android scan process.

Step 4: after the scan, and all the items you select, list the module on the left. Select each specific file type, you can find details of the android file, these files will be detailed in the interface display. You can switch options to "show only delete items", as long as you delete the file on the iPhone 8/8+. Once you have selected, click on the restore button and the delete file will be immediately restored and stored on your machine.

In that case, are you worried about missing Calendar reminders? The problem has been solved, so hurry up and order an iPhone 8/8+ for yourself.


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