Recover iPhone 13 Files Contacts/Text Messages/Notes/Photos

Summary: iPhone 13 data Recovery helps to effectively Recovery the deleted or lost data files in iPhone 13/Pro when data is accidentally deleted or factory reset causes data loss or content disappears after IOS update/downgrade.
iPhone 13/Pro Info:
The iPhone 13 Pro has a 6.1-inch retina OLED display that provides 1170x2352 pixel resolution and 457 PPI pixel density. There are many sensors on the screen that support the front camera and face unlocking function. The lightning connector is at the bottom and the power button is on the right. Then, to make it easier to control the volume, put it on the left. But no bezel image has been missing a dedicated physical fingerprint sensor. But apple is IP 68, and 13 Pro provides dust and water-proof capabilities.

Apple uses its own A14 bionic huxs core processor to drive iPhone 13 pro. The chipset is paired with 6GB ram, and has 128GB full board storage that can no longer be expanded. The graphical operation of the device is processed by Apple GPU. The phone can be run immediately in Apple IOS 14 and can be updated for more than 3 years. The image operation of iPhone 13 Pro will be set as camera after triple. The module consists of 12 megapixel basic sensor, 12 megapixel ultra wide angle sensor and 12 megapixel network sensor. There are a single 12MP camera such as self shooting and video call on the front.
Apple has kept iPhone security limited to the safest face unlocking on the market. Use front cameras and many sensors to protect devices and stored data. The iPhone 13 Pro has a larger 3585mah battery that supports high-speed wired charging and wireless charging. For connectivity, there are Wi Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, NFC, dual sim support, and GPS for GLONASS.
The most common cause of data loss in iPhone:
1. Accidentally delete
In iPhone 8/XR/XS/11/12/13, the most common case of data loss is not using backup, but mistakenly deleting files. Most iPhone users use the wrong buttons in their iPhone, such as photos, text messages, contact, videos, notes, etc.
2. IOS update or IOS jailbreak
Many users may experience data loss during/after IOS update or IOS jailbreak, especially in case of failure, iPhone data loss may occur. In addition, because the IOS system fails to run, the device may have an IOS system error. Recovery mode, stop in "connect to iTunes" screen, stop in Apple logo screen or stop in black screen, etc.  If necessary:  How to Repair iPhone That are Stuck in DFU Mode
3. Other cases of data loss
For example, hardware or system failure. The survey of data loss causes shows that more than 2/5 users lose data due to hardware or system failure, which is the general reason for data loss in iPhone 8/XR/XS/11/12/13. Hardware or system failure may lead to electrical errors, head conflicts, controller errors and other forms.
When using iTunes and icloud to back up iPhone, iTunes and icloud can help you back up iPhone data to regions and clouds. Here are the most common free ways to recover lost data on iPhone 13/Pro.

Methods Outline:
Method 1: Recover Lost Data from iPhone 13 with iTunes backup

Method 2: Restore iPhone 13 Data with iPhone Data Recovery
Method 3: Recover data from Backup to iPhone 13/13 Pro
Method 4: Recover lost data from iPhone 13 via finder or iTunes
Method 5: Recover deleted iPhone 13 Data on

Method 6: Video Guide for Recover iPhone 13/pro Data
Method 1: Recover Lost Data from iPhone 13 with iTunes backup
When previously backing up iPhone data to iTunes, you can use the following simple steps to recover lost in the iTunes backup.
1. Start iTunes on the PC or Mac that is used to back up iPhone data.
2. Use Apple USB cable to connect iPhone to computer.
Please enter your iPhone 13 password at the screen level or trust this computer.
3. Show up on iTunes and click iPhone ICO.
4. Select backup and restore in iTunes, confirm the date and size of each backup, and then select the most appropriate backup.
5. Click restore to restore the data with iPhone from the backup of iTunes.

If necessary: How to Extract iPhone iPad Lost Data from iTunes Backup

Method 2: Recover iPhone 13 Data with iPhone Data Recovery

IPhone data recovery is for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and is a professional IOS data recovery software. You can easily recover lost data, including SMS, contact, call records, photos, videos, messages, WhatsApp, voice messages, notes, Safari records, etc.
iPhone Data Recovery software is the best choice to recover data frequently when data loss is caused by error deletion, IOS upgrade/download, prison break failure, factory initialization or iPhone loss /theft, lock /inactive, broken picture/water damage. IPhone, iTunes, or icloud backup.


Steps to Recover Deleted/Lost Data from iPhone 13/pro:
Step 1: Run this iPhone 13 data recovery software
First, run the program on the computer and wait for the interface to appear on the desktop. Then select the "Recover From iOS Device" mode on the left side of the interface. Restore content on iPhone 13 without a background.
Next, you need a USB cable to connect your computer.


Step 2: search for lost data files in iPhone 13
Select the type of data file you want to restore in the next window and click the scan button. This tool starts searching for all files removed from iPhone 13.


Step 3: Select the data type to search
If you use this program, you can select items before viewing and restoring the files ahead of time, so you don't have to struggle to remember all the files deleted in iPhone 13.
For example, click on the "camera roll" category to display all the photos in the window.
Next, select the check box next to the some manicure. The same is true for other files to search.

Step 4: Recover the lost data of iPhone 13 and save it to the computer
If the file is selected, click the restore button in the lower right corner. Displays a window that allows you to choose the path to save recovered content from your computer. Please do as needed.

Press the recover button again to recover the deleted and lost data in iPhone 13 memory and start exporting it to the computer.
When finished, you can open the folder and send the results to the device, or save them as a backup for later use.

Method 3: Recover data from Backup to iPhone 13/13 Pro
Step 1: Run the iPhone data recovery software, select the "IOS data backu & restore" option, and click "IOS data Restore".

Step 2: Connect iPhone 13/pro to the computer through USB cable, then select backup files from the list, and extract all recoverable files from the selected project.

Step 3. When the extraction is completed, all the extracted results can be viewed in advance. After selecting the required file, click "restore to device" to save it to iPhone 13 again, or click "restore to PC" to save it to the computer again.
Method 4: Recover lost data from iPhone 13 via finder or iTunes
If your computer has a backup in finder or iTunes, you can choose to restore the backup of iPhone 13/pro to search for the required data.
Step 1: Open finder for MacOS Catalina 10.15. Or run iTunes on all PCs or Macs running MacOS mojavae10.14 and earlier.
Step 2: Connect the iPhone 13 to the computer via a USB cable.
Step 3: If a finder window or an iTunes proxy appears, tap iPhone 11.
Step 4: Click backup restore.
Step 5: Find the backup copy of the data you want to restore.
Step 6: Click recover and wait for the process to complete.
Method 5: Recover deleted iPhone 13 Data on
Apple introduces icloud function to save deleted items, so that users can recover data to 13/Pro [ In addition read: Recover Lost iPhone 13 Data from]
Recovery of deleted files from icloud drive
Every time you delete a file from icloud drive of iPhone 13, please move it from browser to and import it again.
Step 1: Move to Please login icloud account qualification.
Step 2: Click icloud drive
Step 3: Click the recently deleted item in the lower right corner of the window.
Step 4: Please click recover all or select each file to restore to an iPhone 13 device.

Method 6: Video Guide for restore iPhone 13 Lost Data

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