Restore Viber Messages/Chats/Call Logs to iPhone iPad

Now, communication softwares emerge in succession in various App store, such as WhatsApp, WeChat, KiK, Viber and many. But among them, the most attractive software is Viber. It is completely free and cross-platform support iOS, Android, winphone system. The biggest spot is that, even if only under the GPRS, it can still speak smoothly and clearly.

Thus, presumably there must be a lot of people are using Viber. So have you ever lost Viber data of messages and chats on your iPhone or iPad due to operational problems? Have you ever felt troubled for it? Then let me help you how to restore them to your iPhone or iPad!
First of all, you need to know about iPhone Data Recovery, which can be considered to be "all function for one software". It can not only helps you to recover you lost and deleted data from whatever iOS devices, but also helps you backup your phone data to PC or devices and restore it with eaes, as well as repairing your abnormal iOS operating system. And there are plenty of other functions which I won't go over one by one right now. Well, the following article will teach you how to restore your Viber messages, Viber chats and attachments from backup to iPhone or iPad with the hlep of this iPhone Data Recovery.

 Backup Viber Chats/Call Logs from iPhone iPad to Computer

 Restore Viber Chats/Call Logs/Attachment to iPhone iPad


Steps to Restore Viber Messages/Chats/Call Logs/Attachments to Your iPhone iPad


Step 1. Run iPhone Data Recovery and Select the Mode

After install and run iPhone Data Recovery, you will see a window with 4 modes on the left, choose the last one "More Tools". Then click "iOS Viber Backup & Restore" on the left to go on.


Step 2. Connect Your iDevice to PC and Choose Your Backup

Now, connect your iPhone or iPad to computer via USB cable. When the program recognize your device, you can click the "To view the previous backup file" on the screen to list all the previous backups on your device.

Now, you can choose the backup file you want on the list, and simple click the "View" button and check your backup files on details.


Step 3. Selectively Recover Viber Data to Your iPhone/iPad

You are allowed to preview the data extracted from the selected Viber backup one by one, and then tick what you want and click on "Restore to Device" to restore the selected data to your iPhone or iPad directly.

If you are in use iPhone Data Recovery, feel that there is something that can be improved, please be sure to tell us. We will improve and do it better.
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