How to Recover Photos Pictures from Water Damaged iPhone

As we all know, iPhone's photos quality is the best among the mobile phone. Young people nowadays more and more like taking photos, especially when you walk in a street and watch some interesting things or some beautiful scene. Therefore we will always store lots of photos in our iPhone.
And if you are the kind of people who enjoy listening music all the time, just like me, that I think you may listen music when you take a shower. So have you ever tried to get a call from your bos while you were in the bathroom? Now, you would dry your hands quickly and nervously fumbled for picking up the iPhone. The accident happened and your iPhone fell into the water. Well, it was my real experience, and my heart was really broken at that time.

I thought I'd lose all the data in my iPhone, particularly the photos, which records the love between my girlfriend and I. Then my friend know that and he recommended me a software, iPhone Data Recovery. He told me, "you ought to use this iOS data recovery, whatever your iPhone data is missing, your device stuck, damaged or others scenarios." It's truth! I use it to recover my photos from the water damaged iPhone, including the latest iPhone 6S/6S Plus, iPhone SE, as well as iPad and iPod touch. Well, I will teach your how to recover photos from this situation.
Tips to Quickly Dry Out Your Wetted iPhone
1. Use hair dryer to dry your iPhone.
2. Use alcohol to wipe your iPhone, make evaporating away moisture.
3. Use desiccant or rice to absorb water inside the iPhone.
Attention: Not matter which way you will choose to dry out your iPhone, please keep your device power off during the whose process.
Part 1 Directly Restore Photos from Water Damaged iPhone
Part 2 Extract iPhone Photos from iTunes Backup
Part 3 Extract iPhone Photos from iCloud Backup


Steps to Recover Lost Photos Pictures from Water Damaged iPhone


Step 1. Connect Your iPhone to PC

Launch iPhone Data Recovery on your computer. You will a window and some modes is on the left, choose the one "Recover from iOS Device". Then use the USB cables to connect your iPhone to computer.


Step 2. Tick Your Lost Data and Scan Them

When the program recognize your iPhone, it will show you all kind of data can be scanned in the interface. Now we should tick the box "Photos" and click "Start Scan". The scanning process will last for some time, during the process, if you see the photos you want, you can click the button "pause" to stop it and watch the photo detail.


Step 3. Preview and Recover the Scanned Data

After the scanning process completed, you can preview all data that you select just now, check them one by one to make sure do not miss the important things. Then tick them and click the "Recover" button to save them back to your computer.

Now, the photos is recover to your iPhone. Don't forget iPhone Data Recovery not only can recover data, but also it can backup your files, transfer your WhatsApp messages, permanently wipe your iPhone data, and fix the abnormal iOS.
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