How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages from iPhone

WhatsApp is a instant messaging app for Android, Symbian, Winphone, Blackberry and iOS. With push notification service, WhatsApp can instantly receive the messages from your friends or colleague. Besides, WhatsApp can send text messages, photos, videos files through WiFi or mobile data, so we can not need to pay the mobile phone charge.
However, iPhone would be in some cases, which would make WhatsApp messages lost, for example jailbreak failure or system crash. Since we can't guarantee that these situation won't happen to us. So, we need a software to help us recover the lost data from WhatsApp.
iPhone WhatsApp Recovery is such a software which can recover our lost photos, videos, contacts, WhatsApp messages, etc. with three simple and safe ways that is recover data by iTunes, iTouch or your devices directly. iPhone WhatsApp Recovery not only can restore data, but also it can backup your files and recover the crash system within less than 10 minutes. And in the following article will guide you the using way.

                  Part 1.   Direct Recover WhatsApp Messages from iPhone
                  Part 2.   Restore iPhone WhatsApp Messages from iTunes Backup
                  Part 3.   Restore iPhone WhatsApp Messages from iCloud Backup
                  Part 4.   Get iPhone Out of Recovery Mode
                  Part 5.   Export Data from iPhone to Computer




Steps to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages from iPhone


Step 1. Connect your iPhone and Choose the Mode

Firstly of all, launch iPhone WhatsApp Recovery and connect your iPhone to computer via USB cables. Select the first mode "Restore from iOS Device" on the left side.


Step 2. Scan your Lost WhatsApp Messages

Now check the box in front of "WhatsApp & Attachments". If you have some other file want to restore, just select them. Then click "Start Scan" to let Dr.Fone to scan your device. And the process may last for a little while, which is depending on the amount of your files.


Step 3. Preview the Scanned Result and Restore them

When the process completed, Dr.Fone will display the scanned result to you. On the left side of the window is the type of the files, while on the right side is the detail about them. Check them attentively and select the WhatsApp messages you want. Then click "Recover to Device" to get them back.

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