How to Recover Deleted Messenger from iPhone 6/6S

iPhone is really fairly useful, isn't it? iPhone has the most smooth running system and pretty appearance. Exquisite styling has made iPhone very popular among the people. Especially the young people who like to chase the trend, you always see young people with an iPhone or other Apple products.

As a loyal fan of Apple, when iPhone 6S (Plus) just went on the market, I bought it at once. Its workmanship and feel will make you immediately fascinated. But a few days ago, I accidentlly deleted my Messenger in the iPhone 6S (Plus) and my MSN has lots of important information, such as my client, families, girlfriend etc. So how can I recover the deleted messenger?
One of my friends whose job is to develop software recommended me a software, that is the iPhone Data Recovery.
iPhone Data Recovery and iPhone Recovery for Mac is the all-in-one data recovery and management tool, which has the most professional recovery function, as well as the data backup, restore and erased function and help you manage data on your iOS devices. What's more, you can get iPhone iPad out of recovery mode/white Apple logo screen via this program. Well, the following article will guide you to recover the lost and deleted messenger from iPhone including iPhone 6 (Plus) and iPhone 6S(Plus).
Ways 1 Directly Recover Deleted Messenger from iPhone 6/6S
Ways 2 Restore iPhone Messenger from iTunes Backup
Ways 3 Restore iPhone Messenger from iCloud Backup


Steps to Directly Recover Deleted Messenger from Your iPhone 6/6S/6 Plus/6S Plus


Step 1. Connect Your iPhone and Select the Mode

After download, install and launch iPhone Data Recovery, you can see a window with 4 modes on the left. Then, connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable.

Then just choose the first mode "Recover from iOS Decive", then tick the box "Messenger & Attachments" and click "Start Scan".


Step 2. Preview Your Data One By One

When the scanning completed, you can preview the data by the program, which is ticked just now. Also you can choose the file type on the left side and see the details of data on the right side. Don't forget these are a search box above the detail of data and you can search for a specific files by typing a keyword in this searching box.


Step 3. Recover Your Lost iPhone Messenger & Attachments

Check the scanned contents one by one and tick what you want to restore. Carefully to ensure that the important data is not be missed. Now you can click "Recover" to get them back, the whole recovery process will last a few minutes, please be patient.

By the way, update you iOS system may cause your iPhone data loss. So you can backup your file with iCloud or iTunes by iPhone Data Recovery before updating.
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