How to Recover Lost/Deleted Data Contacts from iPhone SE

Apple iPhone SE looks exactly like 5S, its built-in A9 processor, almost has the same user experience with iPhone6S. In the camera, its front camera is 1.2 million pixels, rear is 12 million pixels, but also supports Live photos; In addition, SE also has a fingerprint identification and NFC module, the user can use it to bind the bank card, to achieve Pay Apple mobile payments. IPhone SE meets the needs of small screen and high performance configuration for people. And I was one of them. So I didn't hesitate to buy an iPhone SE.

Since I was the first to use iPhone, so it is not smooth. Also because of this, I accidentally deleted the contacts in the phone. I would like to restore them to the phone, because the input contacts is a very tedious thing and I don't want to do it again.
iPhone SE Recovery (iPhone Data Recovery), which be called the World's 1st iPhone and iPad data recovery software. It provides three ways to restore your lost and deleted iPhone data, and is compatible with the latest iPhone devices like iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iOS 9.3.3, etc. It can resume photos, text messages, videos, contacts, calendars, notes, reminder, Voice memos, Voicemail and other documents. It has enough power to face all kinds of situations, such as accidentally deleted data from your iPhone, lost all data after factory settings restore, stucking at recovery mode/white screen/black screen, and so on.
Part 1 Directly Restore Data Contacts on iPhone SE
Part 2 Restore Lost iPhone SE Data from iTunes Backup
Part 3 Restore Lost iPhone SE Data from iClous Backup


【Solved】Restore Deleted & Lost Data Contacts from iPhone SE Without Backup


Step 1. Launch the Program and Choose a Recovery Mode

Download and install iPhone Data Recovery, and then run it. At this point you can find the left side has four icons, click on the first one, “Recover From iOS Device".


Step 2. Connect Your iPhone to Computer

Connect your iPhone SE to the computer with the USB line. Then the program will automatically detect and analyze your phone soon.
Note: When you run the software, you need to make sure whether you install the latest version of the iTunes. If not, please install it in advance. In addition, to avoid the automatically sync, don't launch iTunes when running iPhone Data Recovery.

Step 3. Choose the File Types to Scan

After the connection, you need to select the types of file that you want to restore. As you can see, there are two modules, one is "Deleted Data From Device”, another is “Existing Data on the Device”. According to your requirements check the type of module, and then click "Start Scan" to let the program begin scanning the lost data from your iPhone SE.

Depending on the amount of your selected data, the scanning may spend some time, please be patient. Of course, if you can see the data you need, you can press "Pause" or "Stop" to suspend or stop the scanning.


Step 4. Previewing to Restore Whatever You Wanted

After scanning, you can preview the details of the file. Data both lost and existing on your device are displayed in categories. In addition, there is a search box in the upper right corner, you can enter the data you want to find. And then you just need to check the data you want to recover. Finally, you just need to select the recovery button. There are 2 buttons in the lower right corner. One is “Restore to the device”, another is “Restore to the computer", so, select the location you need to restore. Finally, the recovery of the data is achieved.

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