Get iPhone iPad Out of Recovery Mode after iOS 10 Update

I believe that many fans all know, Apple released a test version of iOS 10. There are many bright spots. The new clock App not only has a new theme, but also is committed to helping us to improve sleep as well as to provide a new wake up mode. Control center flashlight icon allows you to freely choose the intensity or open LED flash, this function is indeed very useful in some places. In addition, we can play video in Safari, and do not need to automatically switch to full screen mode, in particular, we just want to watch a short video, we will find that this feature is actually very convenient.

I was very excited when I learned that we could use iOS 10, because I had been looking forward to it for a long time. So I can't wait to upgrade. However, I found that after the upgrade, some of the data files of the phone somehow disappeared. What should I do, many of the information I have no backup to iTunes. Can I restore them? My device is iPhone 6.
We often encounter some data loss problems, when we encounter this situation, most people want to restore them. Therefore, we designed a software, iOS System Recovery. This is an useful software which specially designed for the iOS system users. It can be effective in the face of a variety of data recovery issues including stucking at recovery mode, recovery loop, white Apple logo screen, white screen, blank screen and so on. Of course allows to restore the lost data after the iOS 10 upgrade and so on, it can be resolved easily. Well, don’t keep you in suspense, hurry to see how the use the software.

   Part 1   Exit iPhone iPad Recovery Mode
   Part 2   Recover iPhone iPad after iOS 10 Update



Steps to Get iPhone iPad Out Of Recovery Mode After iOS 10 Update


Step 1. Choose a Repairing Mode

Download and install iOS Data Recovery to your computer, and use USB to connect your iOS device to your computer. At this point, you can find the left column has four icons, please move your mouse to "More Tools" and click on it, then choose "iOS System Recovery" to go.


Step 2. Analyze Your iPhone or iPad

When your iPhone or iPad is recognized by the program, please click on "Start" to let the software begin analyze your device.


Step 3. Download and Select Firmware

After the Analysis of your device, the program will match the latest iOS version for you to download, to fix the abnormal state for your iOS device, you need to click on "Download" to download the firmware for your iOS device.

Tips: If the download failed, you can also click on "Copy" to get the download link and pasting to download it on your browser. When the download is complete, press "Select" to choose the downloaded firmware package to continue. The software will finish it for you automatically.

Step 4. Get Your iDevices Out Of Recovery Mode

Once the download is finished, the program will automatically decompress the firmware package and fix the abnormal iOS for your device, during the process, your iDevice may need to restart, please wait patiently, but the whole process will not take too much of your time. If done, you will be told that your iPhone or iPad has return to normal.

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