How to Backup KiK Chats/Call Logs from iPhone iPad to PC

At present, people are using mobile phone to chat with others most time, such as our friends, families, classmates, colleagues and many. You are still using the most original text messages to communicate with others? Have you ever tried chat with any person in the world at any time? Well, do you know KiK?  It's a instant messaging software and it just needs to consume your data instead of phone bill.

And I'm using this software now. But taken the actual situation into consideration, I would change my phone one day. In addition, I'm a careless person and I tried to lose my cell phone. And as a result, every time I have to re-add the address book. Neither the messages and call logs could not get back. So, in case that I want to storage my messages and call logs to my computer. But what should I do?
Later, I found a software iOS Data Recovery, which is a program combination of backup & restore, transfer, data recovery and many functions. We can just click iPhone Data Recovery and it will help us backup our messages and call logs simply. The following article will tell you the method.



Steps to Backup KiK Chats/Messages/Call Logs from iPhone iPad to Computer


Step 1. Run iPhone Data Recovery and Connect Your iDevice 

After download, install and run iPhone Data Recovery, you can choose the mode "More Tools" on the left. 

Then you will see some tools on the right and click "iOS KiK Backup & Restore". Don't forget to connect your device to computer via USB cables.


Step 2. Backup Your KiK Data and Attachments

The program will check your device automatically and if it complete scan, it will remind you. Now, click the button "Backup" to start data backup, which may take some time, depending on your amount of data. Just wait in patient.

Tips: Please do not disconnect your iDevice during this process.

Step 3. Select and Export Whatever You Want to Computer

When the process finished, you can click "View it" to browse these data. You are allowed to select the data including KiK chats and attachments from the backup file, and simple press "Export to PC" to sync them to your computer. Of course, you can also restore data from KiK backup to iPhone iPad as well.

Now, even if I change my phone or want to transfer my data to another device, I don't need to worry about it. Because iOS Data Recovery can make things become more simple.

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