Backup Viber Messages/Call Logs from iPhone iPad to PC

Viber is a software, which serve the smart phone and computer for instant messaging. Viber users do not need to register  or payment, as long as the two sides have installed the software, they will be able to chat with each other. The users even can communication with other users free of charge and send text messages, pictures, videos and media via WiFi or UMTS. 

Don't you think Viber is very convenient? As a two-year user, though it has many advantages, it also has some of the issues you may face. For example, you will change your iPhone or iPad, you may break the devices' screen carelessly and others unforeseen circumstance. So, it is necessary to prepare for it in advance. That's backup, especially important messages and call logs.
Well, iPhone Data Recovery is an expert on backing up files. All the data including App data like Viber, KiK, WhatsApp, etc. and others files, such as messages, call logs, contacts list and many could be backup & restore with iPhone Data Recovery. The software not only can backup & restore your phone data, but also can restore lost and deleted data from any of your iOS devices, as well as fixing the abnormal iOS operating system.
In this article, I will tell you how to backup Viber messages and call logs from your iPhone iPad and iPod touch to computer with a few simple steps.


Steps to Backup Viber Messages/Call Logs/Attachments from iPhone iPad iPod Touch to Computer


Step 1. Launch iPhone Data Recovery and Choose Mode

Download, install and launch iPhone Data Recovery firstly. Then choose the mode "More Tools" on the left side and click "iOS Viber Backup & Restore" on the right window.


Step 2. Connect your devices and Backup the Viber data

Now, connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer. When the program checks your devices, it will prompted you. Then click on the "Backup" button to backup your Viber messages and more from your iDevice.

Step 3. Check Your Backup and Export the Selected Data to PC
After the process of backup is finished, click "View it" to preview your backup files on iPhone Data Recovery. Select the one (if you get more than one backup files) to view the details, please check the messages, call logs and attachments one by one and carefully. Avoid missing some important data. Finally, tick them and click "Export to PC". Besides, you are also allowed to export the Viber data from iPhone iPad to PC via another button.

Just you cultivate a habit of backup, even if you  delete the important data, it will never be a annoying things, isn't it?
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