How to Recover/Fix iPhone That Stuck in Reboot Loop

Post Day 03/29/2017 12:31

What should we do when iPhone stuck in reboot loop? As the most popular smart phone, iPhone's advantages have been praised. However, there are a lot of problems have emerged, such as stuck in reboot loop. Why the phone will stick in reboot loop? We can analyze from two aspects.
On the system: Some system failure or improper operation will lead to reboot loop. People tend to jailbreak iPhone, but this is not a simple process. If the jailbreak fails, iPhone will fall into this situation. In addition, sometimes we will upgrade firmware through iTunes, to upgrade to the latest version of iPhone, which may also lead to the emergence of the problem.
On the hardware: There are several main aspects of the phone hardware: battery power supply problems, phone flash memory problems, phone motherboard problem.
If the problem is due to hardware problems, we can only go to the Apple store, but if it is a system problem, then we can use the iOS System Recovery to solve.
iOS System Recovery allows you to quickly fix the system and get your iPhone back to normal. Because it has a strong ability to repair, which able to repair a variety of scenarios, such as iPhone stuck in reboot loop, recovery mode, iTunes error, suddenly white/black/red/blue screen, has been in a state of white apple, suddenly frozen and no response, etc.. Your iPhone will be safe and keep the integrity. The data will not be deleted and lost in the iPhone. In addition, no one can record your phone data. Secondly, its steps are simple and easy to understand, and its simplicity and convenience are much better than many software. It can be used not only for iPhone, but also for other iOS devices, such as iPad, iTouch.
Note: After using this tool, your iPhone will be updated to the latest iOS version. And if your iPhone is a jailbroken one, then it will be updated to non-jailbroken. If you have unlocked your iPhone before, then it will be re-locked again.


Tutorial: Fix iPhone Stuck in Reboot Loop Without Losing Data


Step 1. Choose the corresponding toolkit and connect your phone

Download and launch program on your computer. Then, choose "System Recovery" from the main window.

Use the USB cable to connect your iPhone to computer. When your iPhone has detected by the program, please click "Start".


Step 2. Download and select firmware

Secondly, the program will enter the new page; you need to download the firmware for your iPhone. The program will directly detect your iPhone model and select the latest firmware version. Then click "Download". You need to wait for a few minutes when the firmware starts downloading.


Step 3. Fixed iPhone to normal state

When the firmware download is complete, the program will begin to repair your iPhone system. Please do not interrupt the connection between iPhone and computer. When iPhone returns to normal mode, you can see the "Repair of the operating system is complete" on the window.


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