How to Repair iPhone That are Stuck in DFU Mode

With the listing of iPhone 7, Apple also launch a new system iOS 10 and there are many users have upgrade their iPhone to iOS 10. Not a lot of users, but there still have some people who encountered facing the update fail problem and became stuck in DFU mode or other problems. I have seen many similar question about stuck due to upgrade.
"I upgrade my iPhone 6 from iOS 9.3.3 to iOS 10, in the meantime, I was asked to enter the DFU mode, but it stuck in DFU mode and it can't work anymore, how can I recover it?"
Are you also looking for a simple but useful way to fix the abnormal iOS system for your iPhone device? Luckily, here there is a software can help us recover the crash system easily and simply. Its name is iOS System Recovery, which is the world's 1st recovery software for iOS devices. With the help of this program, user can not only recover the crash system like recovery mode, white Apple logo, black screen, looping on start, etc., but also can backup & restore the data in your iOS devices.
Now, please click to download the software here, and follow the below steps to have a try.


Steps to Repair iPhone That are Stuck in DFU Mode  


Step 1. Launch iOS System Recovery and Choose the Mode

First of all, install and run iOS System Recovery and you will see a window with four mode on the left side. Select the last one "More Tools" and then click "iOS System Recovery".

By the way, don't forget connect your device to your computer via USB cable. And click the "Start" button after the program detects your device.


Step 2. Select and Download the Firmware

Now, the program has recognized your device automatically and you can choose the model of your device by yourself. Choose a iOS version you want and then click "Download" button. The program will download it at once, you just need to wait and keep your device connected.

Tips: If you can not find the appropriate firmware for your iPhone devices, or failed to download the firmware, you can also copy the link from the program to download the corresponding firmware through browser. Once the Firmware package has been downloaded to your computer, simple press "Select" to load the firmware package and get start.


Step 3. Recover Your iOS System to Normal

When the download process completed, the program will begin the repair process, which is getting your device back to a normality. The process of repair will last for a few minutes, which will takes you less than 10 minutes. Finally, the program will display you "Repair operating system is done", now the whole recovery process is finished.

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