How to Recover iPhone From Frozen Apple Logo Screen

More and more people are using iPhone. However, with the wide application of iPhone, we can face more and more problems. As is the case with there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes, people will encounter a variety of different problems with a same mobile phone. In the process of using an iPhone, we may back up the data to the iTunes. This approach can protect our mobile phone data. So, in case you do not have backup phone data, and the phone data is lost because of the accident, how should you do? Below I will talk about the following questions. How to recover iPhone From Frozen Apple Screen.

iOS System Recovery and iOS System Recovery for Mac can help you to restore all kinds of iOS system problems. You can use it to repair your mobile phone, and will not cause the loss of cell phone data. It can calmly face all kinds of problems, such as iPhone or iPad appears frozen and doesn't respond at all, iPhone or iPad can't get out of DFU mode. As long as your device is iOS system. In addition, the software has been updated, as is known to all, iOS 10 has been released. Many people worry that the software can not be applied to iOS 10. But please rest assured that it can be compatible with the latest systems and equipment, just like the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.
Before following our tutorial, please click to free download the program and install it on your computer.


Steps to Fix iPhone Stuck in Apple Logo / Apple Screen


Step 1. Choose the Repair iOS System Feature

Launch the program after installaiton, at this point, there are four icons on the left side of the program, you need to click "More Tools". Then select "iOS System Recovery".


Step 2. Connect Your iPhone and Download and Select Firmware

Connect your phone to your computer with the USB cable. When you connect your phone to your computer successfully, click “Start".

Next, you need to download the firmware so that you can into the next step. Program will automatically display your phone model and other information. You need to make sure that the information is incorrect. If there is no problem, then click "Download", and wait for a while.


Step 3. Fix Your iOS to Return it to Normal

When the firmware download is complete, the program will automatically repair your mobile phone. When the repair is complete, the program will show that the “Repair operating system is done".

Tips: Although this system recovery software is strong enough, but taking precautions is better than showing resourcefulness in an emergency, therefore, regularly back up can better to protect your mobile phone data. You can read more here: How to Backup and Restore iPhone 7/7 Plus.
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