How to Fix iPhone/iPad Won't Slide to Unlock

My iPhone 6 sliding unlock failed! It's really hard for me. I use my cell phone every day, my work and study can not do without my mobile phone. At first I thought it was the phone's screen is broken, so I took the phone to Apple's after-sales service, but the customer service said there is no problem screen. According to my understanding of the mobile phone system, I guess my mobile phone system is abnormal. So I'm going to fix my iPhone iOS system. But I never tried to fix or reinstall the system before, so I need a software to help me with this step. 
Here is a software designed specifically for system repair - iOS System Recovery. It can help you solve most of the problems on the system, such as white screen, crash, unable to unlock, etc.. What is more important is the absolute security of the software. It will not cause any damage to your iPhone while restoring the system. Does not cause any data loss. And this software is compatible with almost all Apple devices on the market. Whether your device is iPhone 7/6S/6/SE/5S/5/4S, iPad Pro, iPad mini, iPad 2, iPod touch or other iOS devices, iOS System Recovery can be perfectly fit. So, you can rest assured that the use of this software to repair your iPhone system.  
Note: With this software recovery system, your device will be updated to the latest iOS system. And become a non jailbreak state.


Steps to Fix iPhone/iPad Won't Slide to Unlock Without Losing Data


Step 1. Choose the Repair iOS System feature

First, you need to download and install Repair iOS System in advance. Then use it to connect your Apple device and computer while running it. When the connection is successful, click "Start" to continue the process.


Step 2. Download and select firmware

Next, download the firmware for your device. If you do not know which version of the firmware is more suitable for your device, do not be afraid, the software will automatically detect the most appropriate firmware version. You just need to click "Download" and wait.


Step 3. Fix your iOS to return it to normal

After the download is completed, the software will automatically install the firmware. During this period there will be Apple logo cycle and normal work. After a while, your phone will start to normal mode. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes.


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