Fix iPhone/iPad Appears Frozen and Doesn't Respond At All

In the process of using iPhone and iPad, have you encountered the fault of iOS system? If iPhone or iPad breaks down, such as displaying frozen and doesn't respond at all, what should you do?
First of all, this situation often occurs after the system upgrade or jailbreak, if you fail to upgrade the system or jailbreak, then your iPhone and iPad is likely to enter the frozen state and has no response. As the saying goes, who started the trouble should end it. Since this is caused by a system failure, we should fix the iOS system.
But is there any way to help us fix the system? Many of the system recovery software on the market, which is expensive, and some software are not compatible with the iPhone mode. While some software is free, the steps are complex, and there are many ads. If I use a professional software to restore system, which one should I choose?
iOS System Recovery is a professional iOS system repairing program that can help your sovle all this iOS system issues and errors. As the name suggests, it can fix the various problems of the iOS system, such as appears frozen and no response, restart without cease, stuck in recovery mode loop or iTunes logo, etc.. It has many advantages. Firstly, it can repair iOS issues for many common scenarios. Secondly, it can be applied to almost all iOS devices, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Thirdly, its steps are simple and convenient. Fourthly, it is safe, the data in the device will not have any loss and deletion. When you use it, you can easily solve your iOS system problems at home.
Note: iPhone/iPad will be updated to the latest version of iOS. If your iPhone/iPad has jailbroken, then it will be upgraded to a non jailbreak. If you unlock your iPhone/iPad before that, it will be unlocked again.


Steps to Fix iPhone/iPad Appears Frozen and Doesn't Respond At All


Step 1. Select the system recovery toolkit

After downloading and running the program on your computer, you will see the following interface. Select "System Recovery" from all tools, click on it. Use the USB cable to connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer. When the program comes into contact with your device, click "Start".


Step 2. Download and select firmware for your iPhone/iPad

Program will enter another window. Here you need to download and select firmware for your iPhone/iPad. The program will automatically identify your iPhone/iPad and provide the latest version of the firmware. You just need to click "Download". Then, wait patiently.


Step 3. Fix your iPhone/iPad to normal

When the firmware download is complete, you can see that the program will automatically start repairing your iPhone/iPad. A few minutes later, the program will tell you that "repair of the operating system is complete" message. So you can use your iPhone/iPad properly.

Tips: Please check to see if your iPhone/iPad will boot up now. If your device will not start, there may be a hardware problem and you would need to contact your local Apple store.

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