How to Recover Deleted and Lost Data from ZTE Blade V8 Plus

“My little three-year-old son played some mini puzzle games on my newly-bought ZTE Blade V8 Plus last night out of curiosity. For the purpose of increasing his ability of Independent thinking, I just followed his wishes when I was occupied with my work in front of the computer. However, the frustrating thing came this morning. I found out a marjority of my documents were gone, some of which were even of great importance and I have made every effort to finish it. Now I have to send them to my boss. What should I do with this annoying problem?"
The complaints are from my workmate, Janie, who has a three-year-old naughty son. At the same time, she is afraid of this happening again. Convincing that all the parents are worried about their son made an error deletion of the documents of great signifance or other things on their phones. Do we have the solution to recover the data which were deteled or lost accidentally. The answer is "Sure". The rest of the article, you will know about how to solve it with your ZTE Blade V8 Plus.
In my opinon, I am quite confident that the migical Android Data Recovery could give you a hand. First of all, let me give you the main features of this software. Just as "Recovery" accounts, it can restore deleted and lost data like Microsoft Word Documents, Excel Worksheets, Contacts, Call Logs and so on. Not just for "ZTE Blade V8 Plus", any Android Devices like Samsung, OPPO, VIVO, Huawei also suit. 

Step 1. Download, run and connect.
At first, please download the Android Data Recovery from the link given on your computer. Install it according to the hint, then run it. After that you have to connect your ZTE Blade V8 Plus to your computer (more reliable with your PC) via the USB interface.

Step 2. Enpower USB debugging on your phone.
If successfully connected, please enpower USB debugging on your phone, making your phone be detected automactically.

Step 3. Select file types to scan.
After the detected process, you will see all the file types of the data (including Contacts&Messages and Media). Select the types that the deteled and lost data belong to, pick them up to scan.

Step 4. Preview and choose the ones you want to recover. 
When you see all the concrete items you have just selected, the scanned process was completed. You now have to preview them and choose what you want to recover, then press the "Recover" button to go on.

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