How to Recover Deleted and Lost Data from ZTE Blade Max 3

My best friend Frankie, who is always fascinated by some new-fashioned phones, and often passionate about sharing it to me. Recently, I heard that him said ZTE Blade Max 3 a lot. As far as I am concerned, ZTE Blade Max 3, in terms of configuration, the phone uses a 6-inch 1080p screen, loaded with a Mirage 625 processor, built-in 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM storage portfolio (support for storage expansion), equipped with 4000mAh battery, can support 40 hours of call or 31 days standby time. At the same time, it also has 13 million double-shot, post-fingerprint identification, pre-5 megapixel camera, support USB Type-C interface. It is worth mentioning that the machine also has a dedicated DAC digital-to-analog converter, through the earphone can be able to obtain a high-quality audio experience.
Although the phone sounds greatly attractive, I can't help keeping asking what are we supposed to when we deleted or lost some data by mistake or carelessness since I saw a lot of situations appear around me. For example, my physics teacher, Professer Smith, complained about his bad experience that he deleted some documents which is of great signifance, and he really wanted to restore them back but with no ideas after class. 
In my spare time, I asked Frankie, the phone enthusiast and the expert, what are the solutions to the problem that Professer Smith experinced. Frankie suggested that he can try to use Android Data Recovery, an simply-operated and functional software focused on restoring deleted and lost data like Contacts, Call Logs, Videos, Documents and more. Not limited on the sorts of phones, all the Android Devices such as (ZTE, Huawei, Samsung etc.) are also suitable, benefiting the users with different phone brands.

Step 1. Connect your ZTE Blade Max 3 to your PC.
Please download and install the Android Data Recovery according to the hint at the very beginning, then run it. After that, you have to connect your ZTE Blade Max 3 to your PC(safer and more reliable than others) via the USB cable.

Step 2. Enable USB debugging on your phone.
Next, please startup the USB ddebugged mode from the "Settings" on your phone, making your phone be detected autimactically.

Step 3. Select file types to scan. 
Check out the sorts of files you intend to recover from "Contacts&Messages" and "Media" , select them and press the "Next" button to continue. Then the software will start to scan.

Step 4. Preview the specific ones and recover.
Now all the items which can be recovered will be displayed after being completely scanned, you now have to choose the specific ones that you want to recover, click "Recover" eventually.

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