Recover Vivo S16/Pro Data/Photos/Messages/Videos/Contacts

Wondering whether your Vivo S16/Pro Data/Photos/Messages/Videos/Contacts can be back or not? 
Yes! The answer is your data will be back to your device.
Your data when erased due to numerous reasons are not removed permanently from the device. Actually, your data still in your device while they are invisible to you. So there are still chance for you to use recovery software. 
When your data is lost the it will create a new space for other data to get saved and until any other data is saved, you can recover your files from your Vivo data. But don’t forget to take action immediately when data loss happens. Because your data can only recovered when they are not erased permanently. 
Notice: stop accessing your device to avoid any kind of new data get saved, turn off all your mobile data or your internet connection, and finally, pls use the powerful Android Phone recovery software.
Next is the list for you to recover your Vivo S16/Pro as soon as possible, after the list i will introduce the method for you specifically.
1.The most recommended way to recover your Vivo S16/Pro Data/Photos/Messages/Videos/Contacts
2.Manual method to recover Vivo S16/Pro Data/Photos/Messages/Videos/Contacts effectively.
3.Bonus tip- how to backup your Vivo S16/Pro Data/Photos/Messages/Videos/Contacts?
1.The most recommended way to recover your Vivo S16/Pro Data/Photos/Messages/Videos/Contacts 
If you can find a very good method to recover your Vivo S16/Pro then it is very helpful for your data. The software will be damage your data for the second time and will give you a very efficient recovery process.
Method 1: Recover Vivo S16/Pro Data/Photos/Messages/Videos/Contacts without backup.
To retrieve your data from Vivo S16/Pro, we recommended this tool: Android Data Recovery. This software have many functions and also can help you recover your data very good and at the same time you can download the application very easily the software will not cause you any loss.
What’s more, the application have two modes to choose from, you can choose Quick Scan mode if you want to save your time. If you want to protect your data very much then you can use the Deep scan mode and you will get the most experience. Now let’s go to start your recovery process.

Step 1: Download the application in your computer and then open the software. 
Step 2: Click “Android Data Recovery” on the homepage which is placed at the left of the webpage.

Step 3: Remember to debug your Vivo S16/pro and then Linking your device to make a connection.
Step 3: Click “OK” button then it will move to scan data and show out. After that time to choose your data on the screen. Select data what you like on the list.

Step 4: After that pls click “Recover”  then it is recovery time.

2.Manual method to recover Vivo S16/Pro Data/Photos/Messages/Videos/Contacts effectively.
Method 2: Recover Vivo S16/Pro Data/Photos/Messages/Videos/Contacts from Vivo Cloud.
Vivo users are provided with their own cloud feature named Vivo Cloud which allows users to store many kinds of data. So if your data are backup using this application then you can using this application to recover your data backup. It is proved that this method is good enough.
Step 1: Open Vivo Cloud on your Vivo S16/pro and then go to select your data.

Step 2: When you enter pls select data that you want to recover.
Step 3: When you finish choosing data to recover then it is time to click “Restore” button.
Method 3: Recover Vivo S16/Pro Data/Photos/Messages/Videos/Contacts from backup.
Many people would backup their data in advance but when data loss happen they will not have the ability to recover their data from backup. Because many people didn’t know the channel to recover their data from backup and at the same time it is very helpful and efficient. Few steps can help you do that.
Step 1:Open Android Data Recovery first and then click “Android Date Backup &restore”.

Step 2: Connect Vivo S16/pro to your computer through USB cable. When this device connected then you can proceed to the next one. 
Step 3:“Device date backup”or “one-click restore” all are can recover your data. So you can choose any one you like. 

Step 4: Choose Data/Photos/Messages/Videos/Contacts in your Vivo S16/pro and then click “start” to scan from the system. 

Step 5: Wait all your data extract from your device. After that Click on “Restore to Device”to recover your data back to Vivo S16/pro.

Method 4: Recover Vivo S16/Pro Data/Photos/Messages/Videos/Contacts from Google Drive.
Google Drive is a common method to recover your data. Many users would use their Google Drive to store and also recover data. If you can recover data using this method it is very convenient for you.  
Step 1: Open Goggle Drive app on your phones and then when it comes by default you can simply open on its website.
Step 2: Sign in your previous Google Account so that you can find your previous data. 
Step 3: After you entered into the system then go to My Drive section or Recent folder option to see the files you have uploaded.
Step 4: Choosing Data/Photos/Messages/Videos/Contacts and press “Download” option then your data will be back.
Method 5: Recover Vivo S16/Pro Data/Photos/Messages/Videos/Contacts using Recycle Bin.
As you know, Vivo device have recently recycle bin and users can easily get back their data from the files. If you don’t know how, then just simply follow the following steps. Here is the example.
Step 1: Go to close all the application running and then move to the your Vivo app.
Step 2: click on the dots at the top of the screen and then click on “settings”.
Step 3: Then select the Recycle Bin option and wait for few seconds until the recycle bin opens completely.

Step 4: Now it is time to choose data which you want to recover and after that all the data will recover automatically.
3.Bonus tip- how to backup your Vivo S16/Pro Data/Photos/Messages/Videos/Contacts?
Learning how to backup your data it is actually very protected. Even though your data has been deleted then actually your system still can recover from invisible situation. Now let’s do it to backup your data.
Method 6: Backup Vivo S16/Pro Data/Photos/Messages/Videos/Contacts through Android Data Recovery.
As mention above, this application not only can recover your data but also can backup your data as fast as you can. 
Step 1: Launch Android Data Recovery in computer and then tap “Android Data Backup &Restore”  on homepage.

Step 2:When two options show- “Device Data Backup” or “one-click Backup” in the left side, it means you have entered into the system. Click on “Device Data Back” and wait few seconds for connection.

Step 3:Connecting Vivo S16/pro to computer through its USB wire. If cannot connected then you can seek help in the application. 

Step 4: Preview all the data on the screen and go to choose what you like to backup your data. Tap “backup” after you confirm. The system will begin work.
Few minutes later, your data will be successfully upload.

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