How to Recover Photos/Pictures from Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

Post Day 10/08/2018 10:29

On the February 26th, Samsung officially released the flagship model Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ at MWC 2018. Needless to say, the use experience and the configuration of Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ are fantastic as they got the first start of Xiaolong 845 mobile platform. Compared to the Samsung S8, S9/S9+ are adopted intelligent variable iris in terms of camera design. In addition to the large aperture up to f/1.5, Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 + is the biggest innovation in shooting is the use of adjustable intelligent variable aperture.
The change of aperture brings about the change of incoming light and depth of field. Large aperture can bring shallow depth of field virtual effect, enough light, shooting sisters and macro effect is naturally good, while small aperture can bring greater depth of field, suitable for large scenes. The greatest significance of variable aperture is to integrate these requirements. Compared with previous double-shot schemes, this physical-level aperture adjustment effect is more natural, closer to the camera's shooting effect, and more adaptable to the situation.
It can be said without exaggeration that it is the design of the camera that brings us customers unique shooting experince, making it becomes treasure of Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+. At the same time, Samsung S9/S9+ are becoming more and more popular among people acorss different age groups. However, here somes the problem. When we are using our Samsung S9/S9+, sometimes we might deleted photos and pictures, accidentally or mistakenly. 
Don't be worried about that, here I highly recommend Android Data Recovery, a trendy and favored application that can assist you to recover you deleted photos and pictures. Having a few practical functions like recover lost and deleted data (including photos & pictures, contacts, call logs, vedios and so forth) from your SD card or your phone, unlock your devices without password, Android Data Recovery is gradually known, acquainted and used by more and more people. More than Samsung S9/S9+, any Android devices (such as OPPO, VIVO, Huawei, ZTE and so on) are also accessible.

Step 1. Install and run the Android Data Recovery.
Firstly, please download Android Data Recovery on the offical website, then install and run it. After that connect your Samsung S9/S9+ via the USB interface. 

Step 2. Startup the USB debugged mode from "Settings".
Follow the tips, enable USB debugging on your phone. Then your phone will be detected by the software automatically. Just wait until the "OK" button turn out, and click it.

Step 3. Select file types to scan.
If successfully connected, you will see all the types of data which can be restored like Gallery, Picture Library, Call Logs, etc. Selete the types you want under your necessity. Finally, click "Next" to  continue the following process.

Step 4. Preview your pictures and pictures and recover them.
After successfully scanned, the pictures and photos which can be recover will be exhibited in front of your eyes. You now have to choose the concrete ones, then recover them by means of clicking the "Recover" button at the bottom-right of the window interface.


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