How to Recover Deleted/Lost Photos from Samsung Galaxy S9?

On the eve of the opening of MWC 2018, Samsung finally brought us a new flagship that we are looking forward to: Samsung S9 and Samsung S9+. Although compared with Sanxing S8 series, S9 series has not brought much change in appearance, but in function, there are still many upgrades worthy of attention. This time, the biggest highlight of Samsung S9 series is its photographs. If you are concerned about luxury mobile phones, you will remember that Samsung released W2018 at the end of last year with a camera with a variable aperture. This time, Samsung also brought the camera to the Samsung S9 series. Samsung S9's rear camera and Samsung S9+'s rear main camera are 12 million pixels variable aperture lenses. Their aperture can be automatically adjusted between F/1.5 and F/2.4 values. The maximum aperture increases by 28% compared with the F/1.7 input of the S8 series, while the variable aperture can ensure that S9 can use F/2.4 to ensure that the photo is not exposed in the strong light environment.
Moreover, Samsung S9's main camera also uses the second generation 2PD focusing technology, which can synthesize 12 photos in an instant to improve the expressive power of details. The Samsung S9 + sub-camera is a 12-megapixel long-focus lens similar to the Samsung Note 8 sub-camera. In video shooting, Samsung S9 can record slow motion video at up to 960 frames per second, and the video resolution can reach 720P.
Therefore, Samsung S9 series is obviously a good choice for users with high demand for photography, especially Samsung S9+. At the same time, this mobile phone has gradually opened up its popularity, and gradually attracted a certain number of mobile phone photography enthusiasts to choose to buy. However, it's really a headache to delete the photos by mistake. I am quite sure that you could easily and repidly recover it if you select Android Data Recovery, which is the expert in recovering any recovery problems like deleted/lost Photos, Whatsapp Messages, Audios, Contacts, Call Logs and more. Maybe you have doubts that whether I could use it to fix the problems even if I am not using Samsung Galaxy S9. Well, you don't totally need to worry about it. Any Android Devices including Samsung, Huawei, HTC, OPPO, ZTE etc. are supported.

Now, let's take Samsung Galaxy S9 as an example, and explore the methods to recover Deleted/Lost Photos from it.
Step 1. Download and concatenate.
Usually, no matter you intend to restore what kind of data, the initial step you have to take is absolutely to download Android Data Recovery. After you finish all the task which includes installing and running the software, you have to concatenate your Samsung Galaxy S9 to your computer via the USB cable.

Step 2. Startup the USB debugging mode.
Then you have to get your data matched so that you could restore it smoothly. In order to get this, you ought to startup the USB debugging mode from "Settings".

Step 3. Tick file types to get your data scanned.
At this moment, when you see the file types of data turns up, please tick what you intend to recover to get your data scanned.

Step 4. Begin the procedure of recovery.
Eventually, you will see all the particular items in front of your eyes. Now you are supposed to selectively choose them to begin the procedure of recovery.

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