How to Recover SMS Text Messages from Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

Several days ago, Samsung has announced that it will release the new flagship Samsung S9/S9+ on MWC 2018 on February 25th.The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 +, which look almost identical in appearance but differ only in size, are the best examples of instant brightness for consumers, not knowing which one to choose.
To be sure, the dual-camera Galaxy S9 + has a higher heat, and Samsung seems to be the main launch of this large-screen product, while the Samsung Galaxy S9 has much lower attention. But the small screen phone has always been very marketable, many consumers are concerned about the performance of Samsung S9.
The most striking difference between Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ is single shot design and double shot design. Samsung S9 + with one more camera is definitely better than Samsung S9 from the point of view of function and play, but it's hard to predict unless you balance the picture quality.Functionally, Samsung's Galaxy S9 + can achieve a more realistic, real-time rendering effect thanks to the addition of a long-focus lens, and the image will be clearer after twice the optical zoom. In terms of functionality and play, one more shot really means a lot.
In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ have their own advantages and disadvantages, we customers had better deliberate what we actually desire before buy a new phone. When we are using our Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+, sometimes we will erroneously or carelessly delete our SMS Text Messages from samsung galaxy s9/s9 plus, which brings inconvenience to our life. Therefore, we should keep an eye for it in case. So, how to recover deleted text messages from samsung s9?
I consider that Android Data Recovery is the best choice to give you a hand to solve the problem above. This is a secure and effective software, helping you to recover deleted or lost SMS text messages, call logs, audio, contacts and more. In addition, it can also help you backup whatever data you like from any Android Devices including Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, ZTE, OPPO, VIVO, Huawei, etc.

Step 1. Download, install and run Android Data Recovery.
To begin with, you have to log in the official website todownload Android Data Recovery on you PC ahead of time. Then follow the instcutions given, install and run it. 

Step 2. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ to your PC.
In the meantime, you have to connect your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ to your PC via the USB interface. After enabled the USB debugged, the software will detect your phone and ask you to choose the types and scanning mode you want. 

Step 3. Select the file types to scan
Check the data you want to recover from all projects. By default, all items are checked. You can cancel the data that you don't want to recover. Then click "Next".

Step 4. Selete "SMS Text Messages" and click "Next" .
After you selete the "SMS Text Messages" you intend to recover from your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+, you need to click "Next" till the end. Just wait for a short while, the mission will be accomplished.  

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