How to Recover Call History from Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

Recently, Samsung S9/S9+ unched a very "Queen Style"—— "Burgundy Red". It is not difficult to get that Samsung is well aware of seeing through the inner feelings of women users,for the Burgundy Red hightlights the unique charm of women users and independent strength. 
In appearance, the Burgundy red used by the French red wine from Burgundy, from the appearance alone occupied the peak of color, just the right interpretation of the French red wine that noble and elegant, hegemonic perfect appearance of women's fans. In terms of visual experience, Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 + Burgundy Red carries 5.6 inches and 6.1 inches of screens respectively, bringing consumers a wider visual experience. At the same time, it has a very narrow frame and a 18.5:9 screen to allow you to completely immerse yourself in the dynamic visual world. 
Moreover, Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 + Burgundy Red has more exclusive housekeeping services, always acting as the Queen's "Chief Manager", carrying the Samsung Artificial Intelligence platform Bixby, including voice, visual, home page, reminder of the four major functions, bring you worry-free, intimate, privileged service experience, but also allows users to have a strong exclusive. A sense of ease, easy and quality life is  readily available.
Although Samsung S9/S9+ could bring us an amazing using experience, a lot of users will encounter a problem during their daily use. They often mistakenly delete thier data including call history, messages, photos etc. But don't worry about that, this article will emphatically teach you how to recover your call history from your Samsung S9/S9+. This matter should not be delayed, so let us get started! 
I have faith that Android Data Recovery, a practical and maneuverable software which can recover your Call History. Actually, more than call history, any deleted and lost data including Contacts, Videos, Audio, Text Messages and so forth could be recovered together. Furthermore, the software could even backup and fix bricked Android devices (Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, OPPO, etc.) without any data lossing.

Step 1. Download, install and Android Data Recovery.
To begin with, you have to download the official software Android Data Recovery. Then install and run it follow the tips given. After that, please connect your Samsung S9/S9+ to the computer via the USB interface. Certainly, if you use your own personal computer, it would be more secure. 
Step 2. Startup the USB debugged mode. 
If the mode successfully startuped, the Android Data Recovery will set about to detect your phone automatically. Patiently wait for a short time, and then click the "OK" button.
Step 3. Select file types to scan under your necessity.
All the files types of data which could be recoverd will be exihibited. To recover your Call History, you now have to choose Call Logs under the "Contacts & Messages". Next, press the "Next" button and it will start to scan.

Step 4. Preview and Recover what Call History you want to recover.
After the scanning process is compeleted, you will see the concrete item in front of your eyes. Now you have to choose what the Call history you want to recover. Eventually, click "Recover" to make them be recovered.

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