How to Recover Lost Photos/Videos from Samsung S10

Recently, Samsung has received the most attention. Just a few days ago, Samsung Note 9, a new generation of Samsung Note flagship aircraft, was released in New York, USA. Although its appearance has not changed, its performance and some details have changed a lot. Recently, the news of Samsung's S10 series products has been leaked out. According to the Korean media, the new generation of Samsung's S10 + will be equipped with three post-cameras, which will greatly improve Samsung's camera performance.
It is said that Samsung's S10 + main camera will have 16 million pixels. In addition, it will have a long-focus camera and a wide-angle camera with 13 million and 12 million pixels, respectively. In this way, the photographic ability of Samsung S9 + still has a considerable improvement compared with the Samsung S9 + ratio. As for when the Samsung S10 series will be released, according to the time when Samsung S9 series mobile phones will be released this year, we expect to see Samsung S10 series mobile phones at the beginning of next year. Let's look forward to it together.
Is that what I said above? I consider that it still needs to wait for the real release of this phone to reveal the mystery? Samsung S10 innovates on such top-level cameras, undoubtedly, it brings the users forth new ideas, satisfying their demands and pursuit for great mobile phone photography technology, especially people get accustomed to shooting photos or videos to record every bit of their life and experience of their growth.
Beyond doubt, using mobile phones to shoot photos and vedios has become an indispensable part of people's lives. Nevertheless, if the photos or videos on your mobile phone suddenly unfortunely missed, what would you do when you encounter such annoying things? Being frustrated or easily having a clue? I convinced that most of you choose the former one? Calm down, today I am going to teach you an easily-operated methods based on how to recover Lost Photos/Videos from Samsung S10.
Samsung Data Recovery, a software with lots of advanced functions, which is bound to assist you to solve all the data lost problems. It could recover and backup whatever you like from any Android Devices (inclding Samsung, OPPO, VIVO, ZTE, SONY, HUAWEI and more), for example, Lost Contacts, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp Messages, Call Logs and so on. Additionally, being able to fix Bricked Android Devices without any data lossing is another prevalent among the young.

Step 1. Connect and detect.
The initially step you have to take is to download the genuine Android Data Recovery from the official website or the link above. Then connect your Samsung S10 to your computer (If conditional, using your PC is more safe) via the USB interface after you install and run the software.
After that, please enpower the USB debugging from "Settings" on your phone, making it be detected automactically if smoothly connected. Just patiently wait for a short time.

Step 2. Selectively choose file types to scan.
When you have a glance at two broad categories of file types ("Contacts&Messages" and "Media"), that is to say, the detecting process has already accomplished. To recover Lost Photos or Videos, you should choose the relevant options from "Media". Click the "Next" button, and the software will scan the corresponding data.

Step 3. Preview and recover.
Usually, the concrete Lost Photos and Videos items will appear before long. Please preview and consider carefully waht you intend to recover, then pick them up and  press "Recover" to go on. 

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