How to Recover Lost Data from Samsung Galaxy S10

As more and more real full-screen mobile phones appear, Samsung seems unable to hold back. Recently, the design of Samsung Galaxy S10 has been exposed online. Earlier there was news that the new mobile phone will use built-in fingerprint sensor under the screen, but the picture shows that the screen proportion of S10 has been greatly improved, but the back cover is still using the European fingerprint module, it seems that the design of the back fingerprint is still using the back fingerprint. Of course, netizens are more concerned about its configuration.
It is said that Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to launch Qualcomm Lulong 855 processor, running memory and storage memory up to 8GB + 256GB, the maximum support for 400GB storage expansion. At the conference of the Information Display Society held in May, Samsung demonstrated the voice technology of mobile phone screen. Samsung and LG plan to use the technology commercially on smartphones next year, according to sources, and it should be Galaxy S10. In terms of technology, Samsung's screen voice is based on OLED panel. With the help of piezoelectric induction and bone conduction mechanism, when the ear touches half of the screen area, it will make voice through micro-vibration unit. It can be heard only when it is close to the screen. The experience should be similar to the vivo NEX released soon. Prices of greatest concern ranged from about 5500 to 6500 in previous generations.
However, here comes the news  that Samsung S10 will not be able to meet us until at least October of this year, people who intend to buy one will can't help doubting that any other promblem they may encounter during the process of waiting. Convincing that how to recover Lost Data from Samsung Galaxy S10 may be the issue that people most concerned about for the reason that there are still a lot of people have no idea when encountering such problems. Therefore, I am going to recommend you a software named Android Data Recovery which is easy to operate and cost-effective, making you no longer be worried when mistakenly deleting the data on your phone. Android Data Recovery, supported by any Android Devices (including Sony, Huawei, Samsung, OPPO and more), can not only recover whatever deleted or lost data you like such as Contacts, Whatsapp Messages, Photos, Documents, Audios and so on, it can also fix bricked Android Devices without any aata lossing with only one simple click.


Step 1. Run the software and associate your device to your computer.
Anyway, one thing you have to make sure is that you should download the official Android Data Recovery in advance when you intend to restore whatever data you like. After that, please associate your Samsung Galaxy S10 to your computer via the USB interface after you smoothly installed and ran the software. Actually, using your own PC (personal computer) may be better.

Tips: Logging in the official website or clicking the two links given is accessible to download the very software. 
Step 2. Startup the USB debugging mode from the "Settings".
Secondly, please startup the USB debugging mode by turning on the "Settings" interface on your phone in order to make your Samsung Galaxy S10 be matched automactically.

Step 3. Select file types to scan.
Then, if the matching process goes on well, you will see all the file types right in front of your eyes including "Contacts&Messages" and "Media". Just select the relevant ones which correspond to what you want to recover. For instance, if you make an attempt to restore your deleted Videos, please select "Videos" under "Media", then press "Next" to continue. In other words, the software will begin to scan all the data which can be restored based on the file types you have just selected.

Step 4. Preview and begin the process of recovery.
After all the data which can be recovered are completely scanned, you will all the particular ones displayed. Therefore, you now have to preview them attentively, then seletively pick them up and click the "Recover" button to go on.

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