How to Recover Lost Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S10

Post Day 12/26/2018 17:32

Towards the end of recent years, manufacturers are preparing their flagship planes for next year, because the beginning of next year is also the time for all flagship planes to launch together. Among them, Samsung and Huawei are the two most notable ones. Because Huawei will launch a new series of P30 phones at the beginning of this year, while Samsung will launch a new series of Galaxy S10 phones. At present, it is certain that Samsung Galaxy S10 will be officially launched at the end of February next year, which is not far from now.According to the exposure, Samsung Galaxy S10 will definitely use a full-scale screen without borders similar to the concept map. And Korean media TheElec also gave a consistent answer, revealing that Samsung Galaxy S10 front is using a zero black edge OLED screen.
In order to achieve the effect of almost "comprehensive" disappearance of the upper and lower borders, Samsung has adopted very extreme technology on the S10. It is known that no mobile phone manufacturer in the industry has been able to do so. Samsung has done "black mirror" processing on the upper and lower sides of the screen of the S10, putting fingerprints, lenses, earphones and other sensors under the screen, while using the exclusive customization of ultra-thin. The ultra-flexible OLED screen keeps the fuselage thickness unchanged. Samsung S10 and previous exposure are not very different in terms of specific configuration. It is equipped with a new dual processor of Miaolong 8150 and Orion 9820. It is equipped with 10GB+512GB fuselage storage. Its battery capacity is increased to 4000 mA. It is made of graphene, and its charging speed is very fast. It can be filled up to 90% in 15 minutes. At the same time, it has iris + facial dual biometric recognition, and supports 5G network.
I have to say that if the Samsung Galaxy S10 is true, then the real black technology is scary! Especially this full-scale screen without borders, can we once again make full-scale screen to lead the mobile phone industry to the utmost? Faced with the powerful Huawei P30 series, will Samsung Galaxy S10 have an overwhelming advantage? Let's wait and see! Although the users now have increasing demands for the functions of the phones, judging the phone from the shooting, appearance, fame, few people will consider the solution when using this kind of phone like recovering some lost or deleted data before buying the phone, leading that they have no idea when really encounting such problems. But don't be worried about that, from my experience, I consider that using Android Data Recovery could easily help you solve the promble. It is a prevalent software that can recover any lost or deleted data including Call Logs, Pictures, Contacts, Audios, Whatsapp Messages and more with just 4 easy steps. Additionally, being able to be supported by any Android Devices such as Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, OPPO, VIVO and so forth. The following paragharps are based on how to to recover Lost Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S10. 

Step 1. Download, install and run.
Usually, we should begin the recovering process with downloading the genuine and officail software. When clicking the links above, you can get the guidance the software provides. Then install and run it according to the hints.

Step 2. Concatenate and enpower USB debugging on yout phone.
Then you need to concatenate your Samsung Galaxy S10 to your computer. And of course, if you have any difficulties, please imitate the steps of operations that the software offers. Simultaneously, please enpower the USB debugged mode from the "Settings" on your device, and the software will start to detect your device.

Step 3. Select file types to scan.
When software successfully detected your device, the window interface displays all types of files. To recover Lost Contacts, please select the appropriate file type ("Contacts" which belongs to "Contacts&Messages"), and then click "Next" to make your phone be scanned.

Step 4. Preview and pick them up to restore. 
When the scan process is completed, you will catch sight of all scanned files. Please preview them one after another, and then consider attentively which ones you prefer to recover, pick them up and click "Recovery".

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