How to Recover Deleted/Lost Contacts from Samsung Note 9?

Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 still continues its predecessor's appearance design. It's hard and square, and the fingerprint sensor's position on the back is still fascinating. With a 6.4-inch "full-view surface screen", Samsung Note9 still has a resolution of 2960 x 1440, wider and heavier than Note8, reaching 201g, which is no match for the iPhone 8 Plus. The fuselage has four color options, including black, copper, blue and purple.
It is worth mentioning that Samsung Note 9 has made great progress in the battery sector. Samsung Note 7 has been conservative in battery capacity since the battery burnout. This time, Samsung Note 9 finally used 4000 mAh battery, which is also a short board. Of course, the biggest improvement is the S Pen, which has a standby time of about half an hour and can be fully charged in less than a minute. On the basis of retaining the original function, thanks to the new low power Bluetooth module, S Pen has been given more remote control functions - you can use SPN to control Note9 to take photos, you can also use SPN as a PPT Turner pen. These functions can be customized in mobile phones.
Without doubt, S Pen, this newly-born mobile phone technology has polished Samsung Note in today's fierce mobile phone market. Conservatively estimating that it would solicit a number of customers to purchase. Nevertheless, some unavoidable problems arises during the process of users possessing this phone, especially the reovery phones for the elders who are not good at mobile phone operation. 
In this group, their movements are often so inflexible that delete or lose the data by accident or mistake and have no idea to recover it. So a great recovery software only needed few simple methods for them are essential. Here's the chance with Android Data Recovery. Android Data Recovery is a software concentrating on recovering whatever data you like (Contacts, Whatsapp Messages, Call Logs, Pictures, Music and so on) with Samsung, Huawei, VIVO, Xiaomi, OPPO and other Android Devices. Additionally, convenience and easy operations are its shinning points. 

In the following paragharps, you will know about how to recover Deleted/Lost Data Contacts from Samsung Note 9 with Android Data Recovery.   

Step 1. Run and connect.
To begin with, you have to download the Android Data Recovery on your computer depended on the version of the computer you are using including Windows and Mac. Then you have to follow the tips given to connect your Samsung Note 9 to your computer via the USB cable after you completely install and run the software.

Step 2. Capacitate USB debugging on your device.
Next, making your device be detected is also an improtant movement. To accomplish it, you should capacitate USB debugging on your Samsung Note 9 after connection. Otherwise, you have to re-connect.

Step 3. Selectively choose file types of data to scan.
Waiting for a short time with patience, you will find the window interface including a lot of options of data file types. Now, please choose Contacts which belongs to "Contacts&Messages", then click "Next" to make the data be scanned.

Step 4. Be considerate and single out the corresponding ones. 
If the scanning process is done, all the concrete items of Data Contacts that can be recovered will be displayed. Just be considerate and single out the corresponding ones you attempt to restore, press "Recover" to go on.

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