Recover Audio from Samsung J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8/J9

Sometimes when you update or reset your Samsung phone, it's hard not to worry about losing data from your phone. Or perhaps when you have changed your phone, the process of transferring data using the phone moving software can also cause data loss. Our professional advice is that it is best to back up your data before carrying out such operations.

For Samsung users, there is official software available for them to back up and restore data. However, we have found that most ordinary users are not in the habit of backing up their data, which makes it difficult to find a way to recover data in the event of loss. But luckily, whether you have backed up your data or not, our professional third party software can help you recover the data you need.
This article will be aimed at talking about how to recover audio from Samsung J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8/J9. These methods can also be extended to how to recover photos, calendar, messages and other data from Samsung phones.

Methods Outline:

Method 1: One click restore of Samsung J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8/J9 audio (Recommend)

Method 2: Data recovery from Samsung Kies

Method 3: Recovering data from Google Drive

Method 4: Video Guide for Recover Samsung J Audio

Method 1: One click restore of Samsung J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8/J9 audio
Didn't have any backups before your data was lost? Don't want to go through the tedious operation in other cloud backup services? You should try Android Data Recovery. You don't need to know professional knowledge to use this software.
With Android Data Recovery, you can restore your audio, music, video, contacts, messages, photos and apps to your device in one click. It is fully compatible with Android and supports thousands of devices including Samsung, Huawei, oppo, Xiaomi, OnePlus ...... In addition it is available for Windows and Mac computers.


Steps to Recover audio from samsung J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8/J9:
Step 1: First you must download and install Android Data Recovery, run it once the installation is complete. Select "Android Data Recovery" from the three modules on the main screen.

Step 2: Connect your Samsung device to your computer and complete USB debugging.

Step 3: Select the required data files (e.g. audio) and click "Next".

Step 4: Once the scan is complete, select the required data and click "Recover". You can also continue to click on "Deep Scan" for a deeper scan.

Method 2: Data recovery from Samsung Kies
If you have been using Samsung devices for a long time, you may know about Samsung kies. This tool was designed by Samsung to make it easier for users to manage their phone settings and data.
Step 1: Connect your device to your computer
Step 2: Run Kies and select Back up/Restore

Step 3: Click on "Restore Data"
Step 4: Select the backup file, if you can't find it, scroll to the bottom and manually find and select the file.

Step 5: Check the content you want to restore from the backup file and click "Restore"

Step 6: Click "Finish" when the restore is complete

Method 3: Recovering data from Google Drive
You can manage your data in Google Drive. The trash is the equivalent of the recycle bin on a PC for Google Drive. Essentially, you can delete files temporarily and recover them later. However, it has a limited capacity and deleted files cannot be stored in the trash for more than 30 days or they will be automatically deleted.
Step 1: Open Google Drive on your device
Step 2: In the Trash folder, select the items you want to recover
Step 3: Click on the three vertical dots at the top and then click on "Restore"

Method 4: Video Guide for Recover Samsung Audio

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