How to Recover Lost/Deleted Data Contacts from Samsung A9s?

Speaking of four cameras, you may not have this concept, after all, according to the current trend of mobile phone development, it is still very rare to carry three cameras. However, in the mobile phone industry, Samsung not only has a strong R&D strength, but also has a more bold attempt. Not long ago, Samsung released its first three-star Galaxy A9s in Xi'an, which was equipped with a rear four-camera camera camera. It immediately exploded the long-silent smartphone industry.
Samsung Galaxy Samsung A9s, by virtue of its advance and the high-cost effective function, attracts a lot of mobile phones users of all the aspects. Nevertheless, here I am not going to elaborate this kind of phones. Instead, have you ever been bother by deleting Contacts of signifance accidentally? 
Not to conceal anything, I was once the "victim", in order words, I have deleted one of my important customers' Contact Imformation mistakenly, almost leading to my unemployment. Thanks to Android Data Recovery, an easy-to-operate software that my sister recommended to me, the data was found out. With the function that can restore any deleted or lost data such as Contacts, Call Logs, Documents, Vedios and so forth by any Android Devices like Samsung, Huawei, ZTE and more, Android Data Recovery is popular among the young.

Step 1. Download and have your Samsung A9s connected. 
To recover your Lost and Deleted Data Contacts, the first step, of course, is to log in the official website or click the link before to download the Android Data Recovery. Then install and run it on your computer. Next have your Samaung A9s connected via the USB interface.  

Step 2. Startup the USB debugging mode.
If you do not know about how to connect your device to the computer, please skip the instructions given. The Android Data Recovery will match your device after the mode is smoothly startuped.

Step 3. Choose the file types to scan.
All the alternatives will turn out after the match. As the article tells you, please choose "Contacts" from the "Contacts&Messages", making the software to scan the ones that is likely to be recovered.  

Step 4. View and restore.
A few minutes later, you can see all the particular ones listed on the windows interface, just view them and select the ones you planned to restore. Click the "Recover" to go on.

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