How to Recover Deleted Call Logs from Samsung A9s

In Samsung's mobile phone product line, the S and Note series have always represented the company's top level, regardless of hardware or software priority, relative to the A series is also higher. But this year Samsung has made some changes in its product strategy, giving more attention to its A series for young people. The Galaxy A9s with high cost performance has been introduced, and for the first time, it has tried the postscript "four shots". 
The biggest highlight of Galaxy A9s is undoubtedly the four cameras on the upper left side of the back. Its top-down sequence is 8 megapixels 120 degree ultra wide angle lens, 10 megapixels long focus lens, 24 megapixels main camera and 5 megapixels depth of field lens. In actual use, you can call its four cameras according to your needs.
Hearing heard so much about theadvantages of this mobile phone, are you excited about it and desirous to have one? However, in the course of using it, we always encounter some annoying troubles like delete or lose some data because of our carelessness or force majeure. When facing this problem, I sincerely recommend you to use Android Data Recovery, a practical and easy-operated software tool, helping you recover any deleted or lost data including Contacts, Vedio, Call Logs, Documents and so forth. Another advantages of the software that any Android Devices (Samsung, Huawei, Sony, ZTE and more) can be supported is also be praised by a lot of people.

The following paragharps are mainly talking about how to recover Deleted Call Logs.
Step 1. Run and connect.
To restore the deleted Call Logs, the first thing you have to do is to downloand the official Android Data Recovery. Downloading it by clicking the link above is a nice choice for you, and it depends on the version your PC is using (Windows or Mac). Install and run it according to the link, then connect your Samsung A9s to your PC via the USB cable.

Step 2. Enpower USB debugging from "Settings" on your devices.
After connecting your Samsung A9s to your PC, please enpower the USB debugging from "Settings" on your phone in order to make the software detecting your phone automactically. Make sure that you have to enpower after your phone connected.

Step 3. Select file types to scan.
If detected smoothly, you will see the file types including "Contacts&Messages" and "Media" in front of your eyes. Then select "Call Logs" which belongs to "Contacts&Messages", making it scan the data which is likely to be restored.

Step 4. Preview and pick up.
After a short while, the specific items that can be recovered will all exhibited on the window interface. Please preview them carefully and pick up the ones you intend to recover by pressing the "Recover" button.

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