How to Recover Lost Audio from Samsung Galaxy A9s

Samsung held a new launch of Samsung Galaxy A Series in Xi'an on the evening of October 24. There were two models in this conference: Galaxy A9s and Galaxy A6s. Please have me briefly introduce Samsung Galaxy A9s's photo interface. While continuing the classic design of Samsung mobile phone camera mode, Samsung Galaxy A9s has added its own "smart idea", such as arranging the "scene optimizer" separately, so that users can switch at any time according to their needs. In addition, Samsung Galaxy A9s supports 19 kinds of scene pattern recognition, and opens up to experience the surprise. The 10-megapixel long-focus lens can support 2-fold lossless optical zoom in normal mode, and can easily retain details in different shooting scenes.
The division of labor among the four cameras of Samsung's Galaxy A9s camera clearly cooperates with tacit understanding, which enables users to have more possibilities and satisfaction when using Galaxy A9s. In addition, Samsung Galaxy A9s also supports the creation of dynamic shooting facial expression pack and the function of condensation time shooting. This is the first time that Samsung has added condensation time shooting function to Samsung mid-end machine. It is enough for the companions who love photography to have a good time.
Hereinbefore, we said so much about the contents of the four-camera Samsung Galaxy A9s. But don't get me wrong, today photography technology is not the leading character. Instead, we are talking about a potential defects when in the course that we use this phone. As is universally acknowledged that people are always frustrated about deleting or losing data and have no idea about how to fix this problem. But do not be anxious, here is the good news. Here I highly recommend Android Data Recovery, a magical and advanced software which can solve your problems like recover any lost and deleted data like Whatsapp Messages, Contacts, Call Logs, Videos, Audios etc. Supported  by any Android Devices (including Samsung, ZTE, OPPO, Sony and more), you don't have to worry about the applicability. In the following paragharps, we will have a insight into how to recover Lost Audio from Samsung Galaxy A9s.

Step 1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy A9s to your PC.
First of all, please downlown, install and run the software. Then connect your Samsung Galaxy A9s to your PC via the USB interface. Then your phone will be detected by the phone automactically.

Tips 1: You can log in the official website or click the link given above. Then according to the version of your PC (Windows or Mac), then operate it step by step.
Tips 2: Using your PC (personal computer) is more reliable and secure than others, preventing your privacy disclosure and data leakage.
Step 2. Select file types to scan.
Now you will see the file types of the data classification displayed. On purpose to recover Lost Audio, you should select "Audio" which belongs to "Media". Then the software will start to scan the data which are possible to recover you have just selected.

Step 3. Preview and Restore.
After the scanning process completed, you will catch sight of all the concrete items. Then preview them carefully and make a decision on what you want to recover, pick them up and click "Recover" at the end.

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