Recover Samsung A8s/A9s Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos

Summary: Are you looking for a simple way to recover Samsung Galaxy A8s/A9s data, such as missing or deleted files such as text messages, contact, photos, videos, audios, call logs, whatsapp, gallery, documents etc? Then, according to the guide, find out the repair method of the deleted files in Samsung Galaxy A8S/A9S.
Something about Samsung A8s/A9s:
Samsung Galaxy a9s smartphone was launched in October 2018. The phone has a 6.30 inch touch screen display. Samsung Galaxy a9s is composed of yutasin's qcomm snapdragon 660 processor. 6GB ram Samsung Galaxy a9s runs Android and is powered by 380mah batteries.
As for the camera, the Samsung Galaxy A9 comes packaged with a 24 megapixel basic camera with F/1.7. F/2.2 has 5 megapixel cameras for conditioning; F/2.4 has 10 megapixel cameras for conditioning and F/2.4 has 8 megapixel cameras for conditioning. In order to be able to use f/2.0 aperture self timer, there are 24 megabytes in front of self timer.

The Samsung Galaxy a8s smartphone, which was launched in december2018, features a 6.20 inch touch screen display that supports 1080x2340 pixel resolution and 19.5:9 screen proportions. Samsung Galaxy a8s consists of 2.2GHz to 2 cores, 1.7GHz to 6-core 8-core Qualcomm snapdragon 710 processor. 6GB ram Samsung Galaxy a8s runs Android, powered by 3400mah batteries.
With regard to cameras, the Samsung Galaxy A8 behind packs a 24 megapixel basic camera with f/1.7 materials. The 10 megapixel camera with f/2.4 materials and 5 megapixel camera with f/2.2 materials. F/2.0 aperture can be self photographed, and 24 megapixel camera is installed on the front.
Problem analysis:
The Samsung Galaxy A8s/A9s was turned on because it couldn't find important content Samsung Galaxy A8s/A9s has no idea how the data was lost. If the deleted data is not backed up, it can be a nightmare.
But Samsung Galaxy A8s/A9s users don't have to worry. Considering all your questions, the report is carefully prepared. The report provides reasons why Samsung's Galaxy A8s/A9s may lose data. It provides several best solutions for data loss script and Samsung Galaxy A8s/A9s deleted data contact information/video/text messages/photos/gallery/call logs/WhatsApp/audio.
Therefore, please read the article carefully to learn how to recover deleted/lost data from Samsung Galaxy A8s/A9s.
Samsung Galaxy a8s/a9s is a favorite product for many users all over the world. But data recovery has also become one of the hot topics in these devices. The reasons for data loss include: deletion, system conflict, system shielding and no response, password loss, SD card format, root error, OS update, flash ROM, factory initialization, etc. In case of data loss, please do not add any more data.

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Methods Outline:

Method 1: Recover Samsung A8s/A9s Data/Files with Android Data Recovery (Recommend)
Method 2: Get back Samsung A8S/A9S data from recycle bin
Method 3: Restore Data from Kies backup
Method 4: Restore data from backup through Samsung smart switch application
Method 5: Restore deleted Samsung A8S/A9S files via Google account
Method 6: Video for recover samsung A8s/A9s Data

Method 1: Recover Samsung A8s/A9s Data/Files with Android Data Recovery
The best way to recover the deleted lost data from Samsung Galaxy 8s/A9s is to use Android Data Recovery which is a suitable Samsung Phone Data Recovery Software which helps Samsung Galaxy 8s/A9s users to achieve hassle free data recovery. Its available for both Windows and Mac computer.
In order to recover personal data, to save time and security, it is strongly recommended to recover Android data. Android data recovery software is specially used to recover data deleted from Samsung Galaxy a8s/a9s. In addition, Galaxy S10/S20/S9/S8/S7/S6/S5/Note 10/Note9/Note 8/Note 5 and Galaxy J9/J8/J7/J6/J5/J4/J3/J2/J1 are also running.  No matter whether there is a backup or not, it is easy to search for the files lost by the software. Use Android data Recovery to do the following.
Androidc (including Samsung, HTC, Google pixel, Xiaomi, Lenovo, LG, Motorola, Huawei, oppo, vivo, etc.)
Recover images, text messages, videos, contact information, memos, documents, WhatsApp information, audio and other data.
Search for data in internal and external memory of the device.
Accidentally delete, format, restore, OS update error, route, flash ROM and other lost data.
View the files needed before recovery in advance.
100% read special program, safe and easy to use.

Steps to Recover Data from Samsung A8s/A9s:
Step 1: Connecting program running and equipment
After running, click "Android data recovery" in the main interface.

Step 2: Turn on USB for debugging
After connecting, the galaxy a9s/a8s needs to turn on USB for debugging. Otherwise, the program will not be able to perceive the Samsung Galaxy mobile phone and continue to the next step.

Step 3: select file type
You must select the file types listed in the window. The program shows all recoverable items, including contact information, SMS, music, video, photos, etc. After confirming the project you want, click "next" to continue.

Step 4: Samsung Galaxy a9s/a8s scanning
To search for lost files on Samsung's mobile phone, click "allow" when the application super user invitation is displayed on Samsung's Galaxy a9s/a8s.
Step 5: preview and restore data from Samsung Galaxy a9s/a8s
After scanning, all scanning results can be viewed in advance. Then find the file you want to recover, and click "recover" to wait for the recovery to complete.

Method 2: Get back Samsung A8S/A9S data from recycle bin
You may not know that Samsung Galaxy Samsung a8s/a9s has a garbage can function similar to windows PC. Therefore, whenever data such as photos, videos or other data is deleted due to errors or for any reason, it can be recovered from the garbage can.
To recover the data deleted by Galaxy a8s/a9s, follow the next phase:
Step 1: Open the gallery application
Step 2: Cilck on "3 dots" > Settings > "Recycle Bin" search
Step 3: Display all the recently deleted items in the trash folder. Touch only the items you want to restore.

Method 3: Restore Data from Kies backup
Samsung Galaxy users help synchronize Samsung KIEs options for movies, photos, music, contact information, and so on. It has important function to back up all telephone data. Because backup helps deal with unwanted situations such as data loss.
So when you use KIEs to back up all important data from galaxy a8s/a9s, please retrieve the data according to the next stage.
Step 1: First execute kiss, then connect Galaxy a8s/a9s. Then click "backup/restore", move to the next page and click "restore". Pop up a prompt to close the running application, and then click "continue" to continue.

Step 2: After loading the backup file before saving to the computer, click the "next" button.

Step 3: Here you must select the file type to recover from a8s / a9s and label "next".

Step 4: After all confirmation, the program will deal with it immediately. Wait here for a few minutes and restart the device when it's over. Finally, press finish to close the window.
Method 4: Restore data from backup through Samsung smart switch application
With Samsung cloud, Galaxy a8s/a9s data such as contact information, photos, text,notes, reminder and app can be backed up and restored to external storage media through smart switch. When backing up before losing data files, it's easy to recover.
Here's how to search for deleted data from Samsung Galaxy a8s/a9s.
1. Please click application screen settings > cloud and accounts > Smart Switch > More > External storage transfer >Restore.
2. Please select what you want to restore from the list.
3. Label restore.

Method 5: Restore deleted Samsung A8S/A9S files via Google account
Another option is to use our account to recover files deleted from Samsung a8s/a9s. After setting up a new phone, we need our account, and it is very useful to activate the synchronization option to back up the data.
When the synchronization option is activated, the data should be restored to Samsung a8s/a9s according to the following options.
Option 1. To restore the lost contact information on Google account, open https// You must use the same account as you used when backing up.
Option 2. To recover the damaged picture of the machine.Open and restore photos through the phase.
With these options, you can easily search for all data in your account.

Method 6: 
Video for recover samsung A8s/A9s Data

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