How to Recover Deleted Photos/Videos from Samsung A6s

In recent years, Samsung Electronics has launched a series of mobile phone products, covering the high and low end.
  And recently, Samsung Electronics is designed for young consumers to build the middle end phone, Samsung Galaxy A6s which is equipped with a 6-inch FHD + full screen. 
The front panel layout is very simple. Users can have a better visual experience when entertaining games or watching videos. In terms of color matching technology, Samsung Galaxy A6s breaks through the tradition this time, using color front panel with 2.5D streamer backplane, combining glass material with gradient color technology, to create an integrated color fuselage. At the same time, Samsung Galaxy A6s fuselage adopts a rounded design, smooth lines also bring a smooth feel, providing users with a more comfortable grip experience. Samsung Galaxy A6s has launched four color versions: Sarang Black, Koi Red, Huamu Blue and Huaxianzi. Each color version has a unique fashion charm. With 128GB storage space and a maximum of 256GB expansion, consumers can store all important documents, photos and videos directly on their mobile phones. They can get what they need at any time whether they are on business, at important meetings or outdoors.
Nevertheless, a great many of Samsung Galaxy A6s users are not aware of how to recover Deleted and Lost Photos or Videos when they are using this newly-bought extraordinary phones. After asking for the advice of my father, who is engaged in mobile phone software industry, he highly recommend Android Data Recovery to me. He told me that Android Data Recovery is a cost-effective software focusing on restoring Lost or Deleted Data like Contacts, Call Logs, Documents, Photos, Videos and so forth by any Android Devices including ZTE, Samsung, OPPO, Huawei and more.

Step 1. Run and concatenate.
In order to recover the Deleted and Lost Photos and Vedios, you initially have to download the Android Data Recovery from the link above or from the official website. Then you had better follow the tips given, install and run the software after download it smoothly. After that, please concatenate your Samsung Galaxy A6s to your PC via the USB cable.

Step 2. Enable USB debugging on your phone.
When you see the "Connection required" window interface, you have to enable the USB debugging on your phone from the "Settings". If you do not have any idea about it, you can also refer to the figure given. Next, the software will begin to match your device.

Step 3. Select the file types to scan.
After your device were matched successfully, you will see the file types. Just check and select the relevant options, that is to say, you have to select "Vedios" or "Gallery" if you intend to recover Deleted Photos or Vedios from "Media". 

Step 4. Choose the kind you planned to recover after preview them.
When you see all the specific items exhibited in front of your eyes, you now can choose the kind you planned to recover after preview them. Eventually, please press the "Recover" button to go on.

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