How to Recover Delted SMS Text Messages from Samsung A6s

On October 24, Samsung officially released the Galaxy A6s mobile phone tonight with a 6-inch screen and a 12-megapixel dual-core camera in front and back. In terms of configuration, Samsung A6s is equipped with a parallel 660 processor, eight cores, the highest main frequency is 2.2GHz, 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM.
For cameras, Samsung A6s carries a front and rear dual-core 12 million-pixel camera, each pixel has two photosensitive units, F1.8 aperture. The latter can be photographed and photographed. In addition, the battery capacity of Samsung A6s is 3300 ma.
In terms of color matching, Samsung A6s has surround black, flowers and blue, Hua Xianzi and Koi red four colors.
As a Samsung supporter, I recommend the Samsung Galaxy A6s to my cousin whose used mobile phone didn't work last week and did not know much about the phones after hearing the exciting news. To my surprise, she told me that his little naughty baby girl made an error deletion of her SMS Text Messages of great significance. Having no idea about how to fix it and being frustrated about it, she was upset this morning and came to ask me for the soulution. By coincidence, I have met this problem before and found a magical and easily-operated software called Android Data Recovery occasionally.
Android Data Recovery is prevalent among the young with its practical functions. Please have me give you a brief introduction of it. The software can not only recover any deleted and lost data including Contacts, SMS Text Messages, Documents, Photos, Call Logs and more, but also fix bricked Android Devices without any data lossing. More importantly, it can be supported by any Android Devices like ZTE, OPPO, VIVO, Huawei and more, you can not be worried about your phone doesn't work.

Step 1. Download, install and run.
To begin with, the most important stuff you are supposed to do is to download the official Android Data Recovery in advance according to the version your computer uses. Here is a little tips for you! Using your own PC (personal computer) is a satisfied solution in case your privacy will be exposed. Please install and run it after you accomplished the download process.

Step 2. Connect and Startup the USB debugged mode.
Next, you have to connect your Samsung A6s to your personal computer via the USB cable. After that, please startup the USB debugged mode from the "Settings" on your phone in order to have your device be detected automactically. If you do not have any idea about that, please read the figure carefully before the operation.

Step 3. Select the file types to scan.
If finished the detected process, you now will see all the file types of the data including "Contacts&Messages" and "Media". If your purpose is to recover your deleted SMS Text Messages, please select the relevant options, then click "Next" to go on. The software will start to scan the data which are likely to be recover. 

Step 4. Preview and pick up.
When you accomplished the Step 3, finding that there are a lot of concrete items you have just chosen, that is to say, the scanning process is already completed. You now should preview them, consider carefully, pick up what you really want to recover, and press "Recover". A few minutes later, they will be recoverd.

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