Recover Samsung A52/A51/A50 Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos

Summary: For Samsung Galaxy A52/A51/A50 mobile phone users, data loss is one of the most common problems. Most Samsung users want to know if they can recover the deleted data. The method used according to the situation takes a long time and is difficult to understand. This article will show you how to recover deleted data contacts/text messages/videos/photos/call logs/audio/whatsapp in Samsung Galaxy A52/A51/A50.

Samsung Galaxy A51/A52/A50 Info:

Thanks to the exynos 9611 SOC, the galaxy a52 is quite good in processor performance. Image processing management is a mali-g72 MP3 GPU installed on exynos chip. It provides 6GB ram and 128GB internal memory. If it is not enough, it can add up to 512gb of expandable memory through the memory card slot. According to the photo requirements, 12MP ultra wide angle sensor and paired 48mp basic camera provide 5MP telephoto lens and 5MP depth sensor for shooting Polk. Like the camera in the back, it can shoot 1080p video with 32mp selfie in the front This phone runs on the one UI and now offers Android 10.
Galaxy A51 5g provides excellent intermediate performance, including exynos 980 SOC of Shannon 5g modem combination. The chipset has a panel mali-g76 MP5 GPU for image processing. This mobile phone can execute Samsung Android customized skin oneui 2.0, provide 6GB ram and 128GB internal memory, and can add up to 512gb expandable memory. There are 48mp basic camera, 12MP ultrasonic knife, 5MP macro lens and 5MP depth sensor in the back. For 1080p and self recording. 

The company's initial medium-sized phone set up with the triple camera was the galaxy A50, which is consistent with many other advanced phones starting in 2019. The triple camera setup includes a 25mp sensor (F/1.7 aperture, PDAF). 8 MP (F/2.2 aperture) and 5 MP (F/2.2 aperture) depth sensors with wide angle lens and ultra wide angle lens. With LED flash The camera behind can record 2160p 4K UHD and 1080p Full HD video at 30fps. Lurch, with a U-shape hidden on the front, can record 1080p Full HD video at 30fps in the 25mp selfie of F/2.0 recipes.

Samsung Galxy A52 User Question:

"I use Samsung Galaxy A52 for a few months I like this smartphone. It's not only an excellent smartphone, but also a camera that can meet my requirements. But the pain I experienced was that I accidentally deleted some SMS and phone contacts of my mobile phone that I didn't back up. Is there any way to recover the loss data? "
If the files including contacts/videos/photos/text messages/call logs/whatsapp/audio in Samsung Galaxy A51/A52/A50 are lost or deleted by mistake, you will be very disappointed. Fortunately, there is a way to help restore deleted data. This article introduces several methods in various scripts.

Method 1: Recover Deleted/Lost files on Samsung A52/A51/A50 via Samsung Cloud for free

Method 2: Recover Deleted/Lost Data on Samsung Galaxy A52/A51/A50 with Android Data Recovery

Method 3: Restore data from Backup to Samsung Galaxy A52/A51/A50

Method 4: Recover lost samsung galaxy a52/a51/a52 data on SD Card

Method 5: Video Guide for Recover Samsung A52/A51/A50 Deleted Data

Method 1: Recover Deleted/Lost files on Samsung A52/A51/A50 via Samsung Cloud for free

When using Samsung cloud to back up Samsung Galaxy A52/A51/A50 data on a regular basis, the deleted data remains in the cloud. Use the recover option to recover the data to Samsung A52/A51/A50.
Backup and recovery content types: contact information, call content, calendar, watch, home page, settings, information, music, voice recorder, document.
Steps to recover lost data on samsung A2/A51/A50:
Step 1: Tap account and backup in settings.
Step 2: Tap Backup and restore
Step 3: Tap Restore Data
Step 4: Please select the content to restore.
Step 5: Tap Resotre.

Method 2: Recover Deleted/Lost Data on Samsung Galaxy A52/A51/A50 with Android Data Recovery

If you think it's impossible to search for files deleted by Samsung cloud, don't worry. Samsung Galaxy A52/A51/A50 internal storage may still keep deleted files and wait for recover or new data to be overwritten. Scan the internal memory of the device, search for deleted files, only the Android Data Recovery software can.
If you're looking for an efficient and easy way to restore data in the internal memory of your Samsung Galaxy A52/A51/A50 phone, Android data recovery is the best. In order to let users recover data files from Android devices, a user friendly file recovery tool is specially designed. The data type of scanning and recoverring can be flexibly determined. Very comfortable.
Data Supported: Contacts, text messages, pictures, videos, call hisotry, audio, whatsapp, documents etc
Models Supported: Samsung Galaxy A51/A52/A50/A30/A40/A60/A70/A80/A90, Samsung Galaxy J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8, Samsung Galaxy Note 5/Note 6/Note 7/Note 8/Note 9/Note 10/Note 11/Note 12, Samsung Galaxy S5/S6/S7/S8/S9/S10/S11/S12/S20/S21, Samsung Galaxy C5/C3/C7/C8/C9
Operation system Supported: All Android Operating system

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Steps to Recover Deletd Data from Samsung Galaxy A52/A51/A50:

Step 1: Connect the Samsung Galaxy A52/A51/A50 phone to the computer
First, install and run the Android Data Recovery on the computer, and then connect the Samsung Galaxy A52/A51/A50 to the computer. It takes a few seconds to automatically sense the phone through the program. 


Step 2: Activate USB debugging in Samsung Galaxy A52/A51/A50
Please unlock the phone and allow USB debugging mode on the phone. You will see the window on the screen, please mark "Always" allow and then click "OK".


Step 3: Select the file type to scan
At this stage, all types of recoverable Samsung Galaxy A52/A51/A50 phone data are displayed on the program interface. It takes about a few minutes to delete and analyze existing data from the phone.


Step 4: Scan the data you want
For security, please click "allow" in the mobile interface to let the program analyze the mobile data.
This program scans and analyzes data from the phone.

Step 5: Data preview and recovery lost on samsung galaxy a52/a51/a50
After scanning, you can view the data on Samsung Galaxy A52/A51/A50's phone in advance and select it. " Click "Recover" to save the selected data to the computer and recover it.


Method 3: Restore data from Backup to Samsung Galaxy A52/A51/A50


Android Data Recovery Software can also restore your lost data from backup to your samsung devices just click "Android Data Backup & Restore".
Step 1: Download and run your Android Data Recovery program, click "Android Data Backup & Restore".

Step 2: Connect your Samsung Galaxy A52/A51/A50 to the computer via USB cable.

Step 3: There are "Device Data Restore" and "One-click Restore" options in the basic interface. Just choose one

Step 4: Select the backup you want in the backup list, and then click start.

Then select the photos you want, click "restore to device" or "restore to PC", and save them all to the device. During the whole data recovery process, please do not separate the phone from the computer.


Method 4: Recover lost samsung galaxy a52/a51/a52 data on SD Card

Did you accidentally delete the data of SD memory card or backup it intentionally? This Data Recovery software helps to recover deleted files. To know the method, please follow the steps below.
Step 1: Download deleted SD card Data Recovery Tool
Just download and install the correct version of the data tree on your computer. Then connect the Samsung Galaxy A52/A51/A50 SD card to the computer directly or with a card reader. Open the next program and the device will recognize it automatically.

Step 2: File preview and confirmation of search
Please check the data type that you will re import from the basic interface such as image. 
Select SD card to mobile drive area. Click the scan button and the program starts to search for deleted files from the device. Move to the result window when finished.

Step 3: Recovery of data deleted from SD card
For example, to recover a deleted photo from an SD card, go to the images tab from the left and preview the data in the right pane.
In addition, precision scanning mode can also bring more data. In short, please confirm all the deleted data you want to search and click the restore button. congratulations! After a few minutes, the file can be accessed normally.


Method 5: Video Guide for Recover Samsung A52/A51/A50 Data


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