Recover OPPO A37 Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos

Summary:The situation of data loss is happen everywhere and the terrible thing is that we have no idea what to do to remedy this error. To dispel your doubts , this article will detail you on how to recover the data after the data is lost.

Oppo A37 Info:

Oppo A37 is a medium-level smartphone with good display and large storage space. The mobile phone provides a normal camera and a powerful battery. Equipment price not full rs. ten thousand
A37 has 5.0 inch IPS LCD touch screen display with HD resolution and 294 PPI pixel density, which is fully used for image view, video view and other daily mobile phone activities. IPS LCD display shall provide good viewing angle and visibility in the sun. The screen supports glove touch and wet touch input. In addition to the univerbody design, the phone also has a 2.5D display that adds aesthetics to the phone. To protect the display from damage, protect Corning gorilla glass 4. In terms of design, the thickness of mobile phone is 7.7mm and the weight is 136g. The phone offers gold and rose gold.
The phone runs Android 5.1 lollipop OS with oppo color 3.0 OS installed in Qualcomm snapdragon 410 SOC with query core 1.2Ghz cortex-a53 CPU and Adreno 306gpu. Together with 2GB ram of the phone, four cores maintain the device operation with minimal delay. In addition, using microSD card that conforms to the special slot, it provides 16GB of storage space, which can be increased to 256gb.
The phone has an 8 megapixel basic camera that can take clear photos when LED flash, auto focus and plenty of light. The auxiliary camera is 5 megapixels of the f/2.4 aperture. Camera applications provide G.O.P pant, touch focus, face perception, and panoramic features. The mobile phone operates with 2630 non removable lithium-ion batteries and lasts for one day after proper use.

First, under what circumstances will OPPO A37 lost data?
1.Accidentally formatting your OPPO A37.
2.Improper deleting Operation.
3.Restore to factory settings.
4.Pull out the SD card when the camera is turning on.
5.Incorrect partition or partition error.
6.Virus attack.
7.Sudden power outage and so on.

Part 1: Methods to recover OPPO A37 Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos.
Method 1:Recover OPPO A37 Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos from your local backup files
Method 2:Recover OPPO A37 Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos from Google Drive
Method 3 : Recover OPPO A37 Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos using Android Date Recovery
Part 2: Tips to avoid Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos lost in OPPO A37
Method 4: Backup your OPPO A37 Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos
Method 5: Video Guide for Recover Oppo A37 Data

Part 1: methods to recover OPPO A37 Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos.
Here are the methods and operational steps for OPPO A37 Data recovery. Hope to help you out .
Method 1:Recover OPPO A37 Data from your local backup files.
When your OPPO A37 data is lost, I suggest you check your mobile phone's local backup files first to see if your Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos has been successfully backed up or not.
Step 1:Open you OPPO A37 “settings” and then open “additional settings”.
Step 2:Then click “backup and reset” and procedure to “local backup”.
If your OPPO A37 supports it, you will be able to see your backup data here.
Step 3: Next, check the date and size of the backup Date and you can find the Date you want to recover at the same time.
Step 4: Then, finally start restoring the data program and at this step you should wait patiently and it will take more time if your recovery files size are too big .
Method 2:Recover OPPO A37 Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos from Google Drive
If you've started automatic data backup and recovery of Google data before, using Google Cloud Service is also a good choice. 
Step 1:Open Google Drive in your OPPO A37. If you are available in your OPPO A37, you also can download it on playstore freely.
Step 2:Log into your Google account.
Step 3: After successfully log into you can check all you backup Date on it.
Step 4: Choose Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos that you want to recover. Once you are confirmed click “done” and download it to your OPPO A37.
Method 3: Recover OPPO A37 Data using Android Date Recovery
Undoubtedly,Android Date Recovery is a very convenient software. First, it can directly recover data without backup. And secondly, its operation is easy to understand, and a completely unskilled person can quickly recover his OPPO A37 Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos by following the guide. Finally, it supports a variety of devices, including all Android brands, such as Huawei, OPPO,VIVO, Xiaomi, Samsung and so on.
Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that its Two Recovery Modes are available.
Fast Recovery Mode
1.Supports quick file search by file name, date and size, saving you time.
2.Scan and preview lost data anytime, anywhere, such as documents, photos, videos, Email, audio, etc.
3.It can run without damaging your data.
Deep Scan Mode
1.Restore recent/previous deleted files.
2.Recover files deleted from the recycle bin.
3.Restore lost files because of formatting.
4.Recover lost partition files.
5.Recover lost files due to virus attacks.
6.Recover data from a crashed system.
7.Suitable for any lost data scenario.

Step 1: Download Android Date Recovery software on your computer and install it. Then, run on the software.

Step 2: Connect your OPPO A37 to computer. After connection, choose your data types and disk drive. Click “scan".

Step 3:  When the scan is finished, you are allowed to preview all the Date in your OPPO A37.

Step 4: Select the Date that you want to recover and tap “restore”. finally to click “OK” to end the process.

Part 2: Tips to avoid Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos loss in OPPO A37
We have talked about the scenario of data loss above, so the data is easy to lose, so what should we do to prevent our OPPO A37 Data loss? Of course, the most we can do is to backup all our Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos. 
Method 4: Backup your OPPO A37 Data/Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos
Yes! Use Android Date recovery to backup our Date.And this is one of Android Date recovery many functions. As we all know, using Android Date recovery to backup data is not only a high safety factor, but also very efficient. 
There are some advantages to backup your Date:
1.Prevent your important Date loss.
2.Your Date recovery will be easier when your date loss occur.
3.Backup data is more efficient and secure.
4.Make you less worried about your Date.
Step 1: Run on Android Date Recovery software on your computer and click“Android date backup”option on the homepage.

Step 2: Then, using a USB cable to link your OPPO A37 to computer.

Step 3: Select one of the options on the screen- "Device Data Backup" and "One-click Backup". Click the one as you like for two options are used to backup your phone.

Step 4: Select Date and backup them. Before backup them, you are allowed to preview them. When you are make sure to backup the Date just click "start".

Method 5: Video Guide for Recover Oppo A37 Data

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