Recover Oppo A17 Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos

Introduction:If you lost your Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos in your OPPO A17 don’t worry, the article will teach you how to recover your deleted files in OPPO with an effective Android Data Recovery application. No matter your data have backup or not, the application will help you. If you have backup your data then we also have solutions to perform OPPO data and also restore files to via your local backup. So pls take action.
Common reasons for Data loss in OPPO:
1.Wrong deletions: This is normal to all. When we want to clear some unwanted files we may deleted some important files accidentally.
2.Severe damage: If you OPPO fall into ground and damage seriously and cause white screen, black screen, it is likely to lose your data.
3.Factory reset or formatting: Factory reset your OPPO without backup and will lose all your files, including Contacts, Photos, Messages and videos.
Is the lost data gone forever?
The answer is not. When your Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos in your OPPO, it will not immediately disappear from your device. Instead, it remains in your OPPO device but you are not invisible and inaccessible to you. But pls remember if your deleted files are not overwritten by your new data, it impossible to get them back.
To raise your success rate of your Data recovery, We should avoid creating new data in your OPPO. It is advised that you should stop using your phone, do not take photos or videos and so on. Then pls turn off the mobile data and WI-FI to stop any automatic updates. Then use an Android data recovery software to retrieve your deleted files.
Method outline
Method 1: Recover Oppo A17 Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos using Android Data Recovery. (High efficient)
Android Data Recovery is a great application to recover Oppo A17 Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos. Once your data is deleted in a short time then invisible in your OPPO then using this application will help you greatly and even you are didn’t backup your data. What’s more, remember, the application have two mode to choose from. If you want to get high efficient then you can use Quick Scan mode. If you want to recover your data thoroughly then you can open Deep Scan mode. The application is what can help you recover your various kind of data from various device.

Step 1: Download the application and Open. Click “Android Data Recovery” on webpage.

Step 2: Link your Oppo A17 to computer with your USB cable. Remember debug your Oppo A17 USB button then help to make connection. Click “OK” after connected.

Step 3: Then the PC system will move to scan your OPPO data and display it on the scan. You can preview data and make a decision of what you want to recover.   

Step 4: Choose Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos in the list. If finish selecting click “Recover”.

Method 2: Recover Oppo A17 Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos from Backup files.
Above from recover your data without backup with the high efficient way, now it is the another function of the application-recovering your backups in your OPPO A17. See the method and follow the steps to recover your backup files.
Step 1: Launch Android Data Recovery. At the same time Click “Android Date Backup &restore” in the front page.

Step 2: Connecting your Oppo A17 to computer and wait the system to scan your Oppo data. 
Step 3: Selecting“Device date restore”or “one-click restore”. Click “Device data restore” is ok.

Step 4: Then you will see your backups in the list and pls choose Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos. Click” start” then wait them to be extracted. 

Step 5: Confirm your data through preview data and then click “Restore to Device”. Your OPPO A17 will receive your data.

Method 3: Recover Oppo A17 Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos from Local backup files.
If you backup your data in your OPPO A17 previous then even if you don’t see them in your data, then you still can recover them from your local backup files through the channel I told you in the following.
Step 1: Open “setting” in your Oppo A17 and click “Additional settings” and then “Backup and reset”.
Step 2: Go to the Local Backup or select “Tools” and then “Backup and Reset”.
Step 3: Then you can select Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos in the recovery list and begin to wait the data recovery.

Method 4: Recover Oppo A17 Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos from OPPO Cloud.
OPPO Cloud is another official method can allowed OPPO users to recover and also backup data. Because the application is so common and so easy to operate it is very recommended to used to recover your data. Therefore don’t hesitate to use this method.
Step 1: Open OPPO Cloud and Log into your OPPO Account in your Oppo A17.

Step 2: When enter you will see the list of your backups and then you can preview and check your following data.
Step 3: Select Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos and then start the processing button.
Method 5: Recover Oppo A17 Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos via Google Drive.
Common ways and also familiar ways to recover your data while at the same time operate friendly for the people who are first time to operate the data recovery. Go head you will find many steps useful.
Step 1: Open Google Drive in your Oppo A17 and log into your Google Drive which is the same as your backup one.
Step 2: When you can enter into the app then you will allowed to see ll your backups in list. You can preview or check the data one by one. 
Step 3: Select Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos and then click “Download” when you confirm. 

Method 6: Backup Oppo A17 Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos.
How to backup your OPPO A17 is very complicated and complex for some people while at the same time the skills of backup your data is very important. Here I will tell you one method that are suitable for every Android device. So the Android Data Recovery is such software that ont only can recover your data but also can help you recover your data very quickly. 
Step 1: Launch the Android Data Recovery. Tap “Android Data Backup &Restore”.

Step 2:Click “Device Data Backup” or “one-click Backup” button in the left side. Click on “Device Data Back”and wait a while for device connection.

Step 3:Connecting OPPO A17 to computer through USB wire. Seeking help in this page when cannot connect. 

Step 4: Your OPPO device data all is showed and you can choose what you want to backup.  Choose from the file list choose  Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos. Tap “backup” when you confirm.
Words in the end.
When you find your OPPO device happen data loss, pls take active action and find a reliable application to perform your data recovery first. Android Date Recovery is such a software that can help you do that. The application is secure and efficient data recovery method, which is highly recommended. Just few simple steps and then your data will come back. Now go to download Android Data Recovery software and recover your data at the fastest speed. 

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