How to Recover Deleted and Lost Data from LG G6

In 2016, a number of phone battery explosion occurred, so people pay more attention to this aspect. The phone manufacturers are promoting their own battery fast charge is safe. Recently, according to foreign media reports, LG G6 will be equipped with heat pipes. Heat pipes are a cooling device which can reduce temperatures by 6-10 percent by dispersing the internal heat. LG G6's new technology may make many people convincing and tempting, after all, security is very important to us.

Whether you choose to LG G6, it will face a normal problem, that is how to restore the lost and deleted data from your LG G6. With the increase in the use of time, the data will be more and more. Too much data will affect the operation of the phone. So we often delete some data in the phone in order to free up more space. But what should you do if you delete the important data incorrectly? Restoring the deleted data is of utmost urgency.
To get back the deleted and lost data from LG G6, you can not miss the Android Data Recovery, which is the world's No.1 data recovery program, it can maximize the help you restore the lost data including contacts, text messages, videos, photos, audio, call history, WhatsApp messages, etc.. In addition, in the case of system upgrades, system crashes, SD card issue and rooting error, you can also restore the lost data through the software. The software is suitable for almost all Android devices, more than 6000 kinds of compatible models, such as Samsung, LG, HUAWEI, HTC, SONY, ZTE and other Android phones can use the software. The software is safe and trustworthy, it will not damage the phone's data, and you can also preview and select all the data before recovery.
Now, please download the trial version of Android Data Recovery here, and follow the below steps to retrieve your lost and deleted data from LG G6.


Steps to Recover Deleted and Lost Data from LG G6

Step 1. First of all, please install the Android Data Recovery on your computer. After running, find and click on "Data Recovery" from the main interface.

Next, connect your LG G6 to your computer with a USB line. You also need to open the USB debugging on your phone, otherwise the program will not be able to manage your phone.

Step 2. Then, the program will go into the next window, you need to choose the file types that you want to recover. The program displays all the recoverable options, just pick out what you want and click "Next".

Step 3. Then, you also need to select the scan mode for your data. You can choose the "Standard mode", you can also choose "Advanced mode". The standard model works faster, so I recommend it. When checked you need, click "Start".

Note: There might be a Superuser authorization appearing on your device during the scan. If you get it, click "Allow" to continue. If not, just skip this step.
Step 4. The program starts scanning your phone files. When the scan is complete, all scanned files are displayed on the main interface. You can preview the files, find and check the files you want to recover through the preview, then click "Recover".


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