How to Recover Deleted/Lost Data from Huawei nova 3e

Post Day 08/22/2018 10:55

When Huawei nova 3e was released, some friends asked what the advantages of this phone were. So today let's take a look at this phone. First, it's good-looking. The appearence of this series of nova always pretty. The newly released nova3e has a double-sided glass design and a slimmer body. Second, it has high pixel. It has a camera specification of 24 megapixels on the front and 16 plus 2 megapixels on the back. Third, it supports android 8.0 and EMUI8.0. 
Since its camera works so well, some users will be satisfied with it and take more photos. Therefore, plenty of photos will be stored in Huawei nova 3e. As for me, I always delete my photos accidently. It's extremely easy to delete or lose photos incautiously. Previously, I was always annoyed when encountered this case because I didn't know how to recover them. But now when I face with this situation again, I'm at ease. Why? It's because that I have a software which can do me a favour. That's why I wrote this article. That software is so useful that I can't wait to introduce it to you. 
The software I think highly of is Android Data Recovery, which is the best tool to restore our deleted or lost data for the time being. It exerts an important part in recovering Photos, Contacts, Messages, Videos, Call Logs, Whatsapp, Ducements and more from OPPO, ViVo, Huawei, Sony, Samusng, LG, HTC and so forth. Then after you have selected the data you want to recover it will complete your instructions out of the blue. Its high efficiency is something I particularly appreciate. Furthermore, it's secure and reliable, it'll not leak any privacy.
All in all, believe it or not, this software is admirable and worth considerating. If you still have doubts about this software, just follow my guides to have a try, you are able to download it grastis temporarily. Now let's make an example of recovering deleted and lost data from Huawei nova 3e. 
The visible steps to recover deleted and lost data from Huawei nova 3e.
Setp 1. Download and connect.
To beginning with, let's visit the official website and download this admirable software--Android Data Recovery on our computer. Then choose the "Android Data Recover" option in the primary interface and connect Huawei nova 3e to computer with its USB cable.

Step 2. Capacitate USB debugging on our phone.
Next we need to authorize the debugging mode on the phone so as to scan the data. Just follow the simple and clear guidances provided by the software. Then click "OK" button to move on to the next step.

Step 3. Choose the file types to scan.
At the end of the scan, the results will be shown on the window--all the data on the device. Then we can perform the  next stage of the process--check the data in line with our need. Afterward click "Next" button to scan the selected file types.

Step 4. Perform the final recovery procedure.
After a few minutes, both the lost and existing files are displayed. We are able to view and choose the particular files that we want to recover. Eventually, please click "Recover" to execute the final recovery procedure, then the selected data will be saved all back.

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