Recover deleted text messages from Huawei Mate 9/Mate 9 Pro

Post Day 11/29/2017 11:45

Are you looking for ways to recover deleted text messages from HUAWEI Mate 9/Mate 9 Pro? Do you suffer from the lack of proper and practical ways to solve the problem of text messages recovery? Don't worry, now you are able to solve this problem easily.
When the user accidentally deleted the text messages in the HUAWEI Mate 9/Mate 9 Pro, we first went to search methods to recover the deleted data. We might ask family or friends, or we might find a way from online. In general, we are not so easy to recover deleted messages. Because some methods really unreliable. But when you find our software- dr.fone - Recover (Android Data Recovery), everything is solved.
What kind of strength does dr.fone - Recover (Android Data Recovery) have to satisfy users? First of all, as the world's 1st data recovery software for Android phone and tablet, dr.fone can be compatible with more than 6000 Android devices, including HUAWEI, Samsung, ZTE, LG, OPPO, vivo, etc.. There is no doubt that HUAWEI Mate 9 and Mate 9 Pro can also use it. Secondly, it can recover deleted SMS, photos, audio, video, contacts, documents, WhatsApp data, call history and other data types. In addition, its steps are simple and convenient. More importantly, dr.fone is a trustworthy software, and it is 100% safe.

Step 1 Download and Install dr.fone 
To begin with, you need to download and install dr.fone program. Then please launch it on your computer. Next, select the "Recover".
Connect your HUAWEI Mate 9/Mate 9 Pro to the computer via a USB cable. And you should open USB debugging on your HUAWEI Mate 9/Mate 9 Pro.

Step 2. Select file type to scan
Next, because you need to recover deleted text messages. In this interface, you can only tick "messaging" to scan, and click "Next".

If your HUAWEI Mate 9/Mate 9 Pro is not rooted, the program will move to another interface. Here you need to choose a scan mode, you can choose "Scan for deleted files" or "Scan for all files". "Scan for deleted files" saves more scanning time, but "Scan for all files" scans more thoroughly. 
After selecting a scan mode, click "Next".

Step 3. Recover deleted text messages
When the scanning process is finished, you can see all the scanned files. In order to restore deleted messages more accurately, you can preview them first, and then tick the corresponding data. Finally, choose the ones you want and click on the "Recover" button to get the text messages back.


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