How to Recover Deleted Data Contacts on Huawei Mate 20

In the fourth quarter of this year, Huawei opened a "new level of wisdom" in the mobile phone industry with its cross-era Mate 20 series. In Huawei Mate 20, it not only integrates the aesthetic design with a full sense of the future, but also combines the top black technology in the mobile phone industry. Huawei Mate 20 has undoubtedly become the benchmark of the whole domestic high-end mobile phone market since its first sale of more than 800 million seconds on October 26.
Huawei Mate 20, as the first Android mobile phone in the world to adopt 7-nm process, has a "super-first-class" smooth game experience under the support of the new generation of GPU Turbo 2.0 turbo technology. At the same time, Huawei Mate 20 also carries avant-garde four-point matrix Leica three-camera lens, with its unique 12-megapixel ultra-wide angle lens and 2.5 cm ultra-long function, so that users can also achieve professional shooting experience comparable to micro-simple through mobile phones!
With the development of the industry of mobile phone phorography, pursung pleasing shooting experience has played an increasingly important role in people's daily life. Huawei Mate 20 does a great job, undoubtedly. However, when the users are using this phone, few keep an eye on the solution that how to recover deleted or lost data like Contacts, Photos, Audios, Documents and more. Don't worry, here I highly recommend Android Data Recovery, a practical and cost-effective software could assist you to recover the issues that I mentioned above if you are using any any Android Devices like Huawei, ZTE, Samsung, Sony etc. In the rest of this article, I will take how to recover Deleted/Lost Data Contacts as example.

Step 1. Download, install and run.
In the first place, please download the official Android Data Recovery in order to ensure the software to be genuine depended on the version you are using, then install and run it.

Step 2. Concatenate and Startup the USB debugged mode.
Secondly, you have to concatenate your Huawei Mate 20 to your computer via the USB interface. After that, starup the USB debugging on your phone, making it detect your phone automactically. 

Step 3. Select the file types to scan.
After finishing the process above, you will catch sight of all the file types of the data ("Contacts&Messages" and "Media"). Having the concept that we are going to recover Lost/Deleted Data Contacts, you should select the "Contacts" under the "Contacts&Messages", then press "Next" to go on, starting the scanning process.

Step 4. Preview and Recover.
If the scanning accomplished, you will see all the specific Contacts items, please choose them selectively and them click "Recover".  

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