Recover Deleted and Lost Data from Huawei Honor Note 10

Post Day 08/16/2018 15:30

My friend pays close attention on Huawei's new products. Recently, since Huawei Honor Note 10 was officially sold, my friend purchased it immediately without any hesition. Why is he so interested in this product? After a lot of understanding, I found it really advanced. In addition to the large screen, the hardware configuration and functions of the Huawei Honor Note 10 are quite advanced, bringing us a lot of surprises. In terms of hardware configuration, it uses the kylin 970 processor. In terms of photography, the rear camera adopts AI to enhance the picture quality and make video clearer. It is also worth mentioning that this product has added the PC mode which is previously only available in Huawei's flagship P20 series and Mate 10 series. 
All in all, such advanced configurations make it attractive to my friend. However, last week, he ran into a problem--he didn't know how to recover data from Huawei Honor Note 10 after he deleted some of his significant data by accident. Fortunately, I happened to have a solution--I recommended a software named Android Data Recovery to him. Have you heard of this software? It is well placed to restore deleted or lost data. This software left a practical impression on him, thus, today I also tend to recommend it to you. 
Performing an important function in recovering data, Android Data Recovery is well-received. It's accomplished in recovering Contacts, Messages, Photos, Videos, Call Logs, Whatsapp, Ducements and more from  OPPO, ViVo, Huawei, Sony, Samusng, LG, HTC and so forth. So to say that many common data is accessible. I also really appreciate that it can recover deleted or lost data at a high speed, of course, if you can operate it correctly. What's more, it's reliable and secure, it'll not leak any privacy. 
In short, Android Data Recovery gets a lot of admiration due to its these useful traits. Do you want to retrieve data  quickly when you lose it? If so, just follow me to see how to operate this software. Please let me show you how to recover deleted and lost data from Huawei Honor Note 10. 

Steps to recover deleted and lost data from Huawei Honor Note 10. 
Step 1. Download and connect.
The initial step you ought to do is to install and run this impeccable Android Data Recovery on your computer. Then, in the primary interface, click the "Android Data Recover" option. at the same time, concatenate the Huawei Honor Note 10 to the computer with its USB cable to get your phone scanned.. 

Step 2. Capacitate USB debugging.
Then you need to empower the debugging mode on your phone in an effort to initiate the data-recovery process. If you have no idea about empowering the debugging mode, just follow the instructions offered by the software on your Android version. Then click "OK" button to start the next step.

Step 3. Select the file types you want to recover.
After connection, all file types on your phone will appear in the interface. It's alternative so you can just pick out the file types you tend to recover. Namely, if you need to recover lost contacts, you can select the "Contacts". Afterward click "Next" button to scan the selected file types.

Step 4. Start the process of recovering Android data.
After scanning, you can check the file types listed on the left column. You are able to view and choose the detailed contacts you want to recover. Eventually, please click "Recover" to start the process. Then just in an instant, the data you selected will be recovered.

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