Recover Delete Photos Videos from Samsung Galaxy J2

"My friend lost some photos and videos by mistake. These photos and videos make sense to her. However, when she plans to backup these photos and videos to iCloud, she found that the needed photos and videos are deleted, but she hadn't realized that before. Now, she is seeking the way to find the deleted photos and videos back."

At present, recovering lost photos and videos is not a difficult thing. But using a tool will fix the problem fast. So I recommend the tool which I had used. This tool is Samsung Galaxy Recovery. I am very satisfied with its powerful functions.
To Samsung Galaxy Recovery, lost data is not lost, because it can easily recover lost data, such as contacts, photos, massages, videos and more others. In a word, data recovery is a piece of cake to it. In the meantime, Samsung Galaxy Recovery supports not only Samsung, but HTC, LG, Sony, Google and more other Android brands.


Steps to Recover Lost & Deleted Photos Videos from Samsung Galaxy J2


Step 1. Run Samsung Galaxy Recovery on the Computer

Download, install properly and run the program on your computer. And then, make a connection between Samsung Galaxy J2 and computer with USB cable.

Tips: Please close any other apps on your device. Enable the USB debugging, but if your device is recognized orderly, you can skip the step of enabling USB debugging.

Step 2. Choose the Type of Files to Scan

Select files you want to scan. Select “Photos” and “Videos”, and then hit “Next” button to go on next step.


Step 3. Analyze and Scan Deleted Photos and Videos

At first, select a corresponding scanning mode to your device. You can choose "Standard Mode" or "Advance Mode". "Standard Mode" is the common choice because it works fast, so we suggest users to choose it first. But if you find the base root fails,please select the “Advanced Mode”.

After that, press "Start" button to begin analyzing and scanning your device. There are something you should pay attention to during the scanning:
1. If a Superuser authorization appearing on your device, just type “Allow” to confirm it.
2. Make the connection between your device and computer all the time.


Step 4. Restore Deleted Photos Videos from Samsung Galaxy J2

When the scanning completes, you can check all found photos and videos from your device. But the found data contains deleted and existing files.
Select the items that you want and press “Recover” button to keep them on the computer.

Notes: If you want to avoid existing photos and videos, you can turn on the button of "Display deleted files only" to separate them. Moreover, you can use the search function on the top right to search what you need in the scan result.
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