How to Recover Deleted Data from OPPO R9/R9 Plus/R9S

"Recently, because I wanted to save more space for my OPPO R9 to store more photos and videos, I deleted some useless data in the phone, and then I accidentally deleted all the contacts. I wish I could restore them, anyone who can help please?"
"I have a naughty boy. My son was playing my OPPO R9S while I was cooking. I don't mind if he's playing with the phone obediently. What's worse, he deleted all the pictures in my phone. I can't be calm. How can I get them back? Can I recover them? "
"Today, I was upgrading my OPPO R9 Plus system, I do not know why all the data in the phone has been deleted, even if the phone can be used properly after the success of the upgrade. Some data on the phone is very important, such as text messages, contacts, and some app data. Now they're all deleted, which will have some impact on my life. Can I recover deleted data?"
Obviously, the results of the above cases are the need to recover deleted data. There are a lot of similar types, and people will delete the phone data for a variety of reasons, which they actually don't want to delete. If we can restore the deleted data, then many people's troubles will be solved. And Android Data Recovery is the key to solve this problem.
Android Data Recovery is the most commonly used and the most practical data recovery software which able to recover deleted and lost data, regardless of phone data is lost because of what kind of reason, it can almost be successfully restored. It can deal with many situations, such as Deleted, System Crash, Forgotten Password, SD Card Issue and so on. It can recover deleted contacts, photos, WhatsApp chat history, video, text messages, audio and other files. The whole recovery process is fast and safe. You only need a few simple steps to recover the lost data, and it won't damage your phone's data.


Steps to Recover Deleted Data from OPPO R9/R9 Plus/R9S



Step 1. Connect your OPPO R9/R9 Plus/R9S to the computer

First, download and install the Android Data Recovery on your computer, and then connect your OPPO R9/R9 Plus/R9S to your computer with the USB cable. Then, find "Data Recovery" from all tools and click on it.

When you connect your OPPO R9/R9 Plus/R9S to your computer, you need to open the USB debugging on your phone and allow the program to detect your device.
If your Android os version is 4.2.2 or above, there will be a pop up message on your Android phone, tap on "OK" to allow USB debugging.


Step 2. Select the file types you want to recover

Then, you need to select the file types to scan, the program will provide contacts, photos, messaging and other documents, please check what you need, click "Next" to go on.


Step 3. Select scan mode to scan your OPPO phone

Next, you also need to choose the appropriate scan mode for your phone. You can choose the standard mode, you can also choose advanced mode. Standard mode works faster. After selection, click "Start".

Note: There might be a Superuser authorization appearing on your device during the scan. If you get it, click "Allow" to continue. If not, just skip this step.

Step 4. Preview the scan result and restore the selected content

At the end of the scan, the recovered data are displayed in the main interface. So, you can select the file by preview. When you have checked the data you need to restore, click "Recover".

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