Recover Deleted Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Edge

A month ago, I'm still a personnel manager in a small business. I work as personnel manager 5 years. To be frank, I want to travel around the world. However, our family is poor and I have a lot of brothers who are studying in school. Therefore, I must support my own life and support the family. I was tired of being a personnel manager because of its small salary. So I left the business a week ago. A few days later, I found a new job and I became a sales manager in a big company.
There is no doubt that my salary is much higher than before, though the job is very hard, but it was worth in the end. I was very satisfied with the job and I have a zest for life. When I became a sales manager in this big company, I must do a lot of work such as manage the team of salesperson and communicate with customer. From my view, Mobile phone is a very important tool because I often have to call my customer. So I bought a Samsung Galaxy S8 because it's high quality.
My phone has a lot of contacts because I'm a sales manager and I must phone customer. However, I accidentally deleted a important contact who called Mr.Lin yesterday when I clean up my phone memory. I felt very anxious because Mr.Lin is a big customer of my company, and we will do good business in this weekend. There's no way I search for internet, I found a software called Android Data Recovery in internet. With the help of Android Data Recovery, I recover my deleted contacts from my Samsung Galaxy S8 successfully. So I decide to share the wonderful software to you.


Steps to Recover Deleted & Lost Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Edge


Step 1. Launch the program and connect your S8/S8 Edge to PC

Above all, you should install Android Data Recovery, then you can run Android Data Recovery. After running Android Data Recovery, you should connect Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Edge to you computer by your phone's USB cable. If you finish connecting you phone to your computer, you will found that your phone will automatically distinguished by Android Data Recovery. Then, you can continue to the next step by the guide of Android Data Recovery.

Note: Please ensure that you've enabled the USB debugging on your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Edge during the connecting process.


Step 2. Select the types of the files

After distinguishing your Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Edge, you can see your Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Edge on the computer. At this time, you can choose the types of files which you want to recover. For example, I want to recover my lost contacts, so I choose the file type of contacts. When you finish the choice, click "Next" to continue it.


Step 3. Choose the sacn mode to scan your phone

In this step, you have to choose a mode to make the program continue running. You have two choices: "Standard Mode" or the "Advanced Mode". If you want to be faster, I suggest you choose "Standard Mode". However, sometimes you can't use the "Standard Mode", in this situation you can try the "Advanced Mode". If you finish the choice of mode, you can get into next step.


Step 4. Preview and recover the selected files

Now, you can preview the data that found in your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Edge on the computer. When you finish previewing, you can select the data that the types of contacts, then you only need click on "Recover". You only need patience to wait, the process will not spend too much of your time.


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