Recover Deleted Audios from Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Edge

This Chirstmas, I gave a Samsung Galaxy S8 as a gift of Chirstmas to Keny. Coincidentally, Keny's birthday is Chirstmas. She is my best friend, therefore, I deicde to give her a special gift in chirstmas. She used Samsung Galaxy S7 in the past but it was broken little while ago. However, she bought a lot of clothes so she couldn't afford to buy a new mobile phone. So, I decide to send her a mobile phone. Samsung Galaxy S8 is a ipmortant product of Samsung company, to be frank, Samsung Galaxy S8 is a wonderful and economic mobile phone. In chirstmas, I send it to Keny.
We have tastes in common. For example, we both love singing and drawing. Sometimes we will travel together and sing in the bars. She is a student who learn to bel canto in a conservatory. I really believe that she will become a famous singer because she has a gift for singing. She also record the audios by using her Samsung Galaxy S8 that I send to her, and we will enjoy it sometimes. There are some time she will send her auidos to her teachers.
Yesterday, she told me that she accidentally deleted all her audios when she cleaned up her Sumsung Galaxy S8. She was deep distressed and sad because of the audios with her tremendous concentration combined. She ask help for me because I have a friend Judes who is a mobile phone expert. 
Judes recommended Andriod Data Recovery to me. She said that Andriod Data Recovery is a excellent software which can recover deleted data such as audio and message. She taught me how to recover keny's deleted audios immediately. I help keny record her deleted audios successfully and she felt very happy. If you accidentally deleted some data, I believe that the following method is useful for you.


Steps to Recover Deleted Audios from Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Edge


Step 1. Run the software and choose the recovery mode

Firstly,you should install and run the Android Data Recovery on your computer. Then, click on "Data Recovery" among all the toolkits.


Step 2. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Edge to PC

At this time, You can connect your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Edge to your computer by using the phone's USB cable. Please ensure that you've enabled the USB debugging on your phone during the connecting process.


Step 3. Select the types of the files

In this step, you are required to choose the type of files that you want to recover. For example, if you want to recover audio from your phone, you should choose the type of "Audio". When you finish your choice, please click "Next" to move on.


Step 4. Scan your Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Edge

Now, you should choose a scan mode between "Standard Mode" and the "Advanced Mode". This is very simple because you only need choose "Standard Mode" or "Advanced Mode". If you want to be faster, "Standard Mode" will fit your purpose. However, sometimes you can't use "Standard Mode" , "Advanced Mode" can take place of "Standard Mode". If done, just simple press "Start" to let the program begin scanning your phone for the lost content.


Step 5. Preview and  recover the selected audios

Once the scanning is completed, you can preview your lost audios at this time. In fact, it really very simple because you just need choose whose what you want and clich on "Recover" to recover them. Please keep your phone connected until the recovery is finished.


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